Sterling Silver Red Heart Necklace

Sterling Silver Red Heart Medic ID Necklace full sizeSterling Silver Red Heart Medic ID Necklace full sizeSterling Silver Red Heart Medic ID Necklace full size
Sterling Silver Red Heart Medic ID Necklace icon
Sterling Silver Red Heart Medic ID Necklace icon
Sterling Silver Red Heart Medic ID Necklace icon

Beautiful, ornate, classy and elegant all describe our charm necklace collection. With so many great options you can choose the charm that fits your style.

  • Offered in 14ct, 10ct, 10ct Rolled Gold, and Sterling Silver
  • Curb style neck chain included at no extra cost

Available with the MyIHR upgrade personal Interactive Health Record. Keep conditions, medications, insurance and other important information updated and organised. Emergency access with PIN engraved on medical ID.
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FROM £54.99

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Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

  • 1.6 cm by 2 cm heart
  • Weight is 2 1/2 grams
  • Available chain styles of Curb, Rope, Box, Cable or Bead
  • Spring-Ring clasp standard
  • Cable chain is soldered to O-Ring
  • Engraving detail instructions provided after making product selection

Number of Reviews: 109,

Thu Sep 24, 2017: good quality but too small.

Tue Sep 08, 2017:

Reviewer: Amy O.
Fri Jul 10, 2017: This necklace was a good fit for my 9 year old. It is a good size, not too heavy, and high quality.

Reviewer: A.
Sat Jul 04, 2017:

Reviewer: Charitee S.
Sat May 02, 2017: Beautifully made. Would give it a 5 but there are 4 pretty deep scratches in front. But I love it. The engraving is perfect.

Thu Mar 26, 2017: Very nice

Reviewer: Steven V.
Thu Feb 26, 2017:

Reviewer: Melinda S.
Thu Jan 08, 2017: it’s small enough that it is not a bother. In fact I can barely notice I’m wearing it. It holds just enough info to let someone know that I have a health issue.

Reviewer: Linda G.
Sat Dec 20, 2016: It’s quality, and accurate and attractive.

Reviewer: Mary M.
Sun Dec 14, 2016: Love it

Reviewer: Cindy B.
Sat Nov 15, 2016: I love how dainty it is and it’s so light. My mom is so tiny this is perfect for her.

Sat Nov 01, 2016: Nice and light. . . holds enough info for emergency and is small

Reviewer: Rosslyn B.
Thu Oct 23, 2016: Great for my daughter

Reviewer: Mona S.
Fri Oct 17, 2016: I love, love, love this charm. It is sterling silver and it is shiny and it is small. Delicate enough to hang from a chain around my neck or as a charm on a bracelet. It would have been better if it hung from a lobster clasp as to make it easily interchangeable.

Sat Oct 11, 2016: I had the same charm for 8 yrs. & it just worn through on the ring. That’s why I purchased the same one.

Reviewer: Fiona P.
Mon Sep 22, 2016: Very nice for the money, thank you.

Reviewer: Marie C.
Tue Jun 17, 2016:

Reviewer: S B.
Fri Jun 06, 2016: My daughter loves her new necklace. She says it is very fashionable and it is no longer a battle to get her to wear her medical alert. Considering she is 10, with a mind of her own that is a big accomplishment.

Reviewer: Rocio R.
Tue Apr 22, 2016:

Reviewer: Lou S.
Tue Mar 11, 2016: I am very impressed on how the necklace looks and happy with my purchase except the clasp is so small that my arthritis hands can’t get it hooked. I have a bracelet too and the clasp it larger and still have a little problem getting it hooked. I need to find a bigger clasp and would be very pleased with the necklace.

Wed Feb 26, 2016: I really like the way it looks. I should have bought a better looking necklace instead of just getting the one that comes with it free. The charm itself is great.

Thu Feb 06, 2016: could be slightly larger

Reviewer: Kathy S.
Fri Jan 10, 2016: The chain is a bit heavy, but the overall look is really great.

Reviewer: Pat M.
Wed Dec 18, 2015: both the silver and gold can be worn at all time with any style of apparel.

Sat Dec 07, 2015:

Sat Dec 07, 2015:

Reviewer: Shiley
Thu Dec 05, 2015: Lovely

Sun Sep 29, 2015:

Reviewer: Nicholas R.
Sat Sep 21, 2015: Good quality pendant & engraving

Wed Sep 11, 2015: Great just for a couple allergy alert.

Reviewer: Elisa R.
Thu Sep 05, 2015:

Reviewer: Karen E.
Thu Aug 15, 2015: My daughter can wear this with her dress clothes and it fits in.

Reviewer: Kim G.
Mon Aug 12, 2015: It took a little longer to get to me than I had hoped, maybe because I live in Canada, but it is a beautiful necklace and charm. I have been recommending your company to others as you have great products to offer. Thank You.

Reviewer: Cm F.
Wed Jul 10, 2015: It’s a perfect way to carry my allergy information and have it visible in an emergency and it’s pretty. It’s attached to a lobster hook so I can clip it to whatever bracelet I’m wearing that day.

Reviewer: Margie G.
Tue Jul 09, 2015: Great quality and it is exactly what I expected. I now wish, however, I would have gotten a longer chain so it wouldn’’t show. I got the 18 inch.

Reviewer: Madelon C.
Tue Jul 09, 2015:

Tue Jun 18, 2015: The looks make it feminine yet purposeful. I glad I bought it.

Wed May 29, 2015: It is exactly what I was looking for. I have ordered from another company previously but when the heart came in was way to big for me t wear. This one is perfect.

Reviewer: Brenda B.
Mon May 20, 2015: This was very nice looking.

Reviewer: Patricia C.
Thu Apr 25, 2015:

Reviewer: Charlene N.
Fri Apr 12, 2015:

Reviewer: Angie B.
Mon Mar 11, 2015: The product was to my satisfaction.

Reviewer: Myra M.
Tue Mar 05, 2015: Exactly as described. Very pretty.

Reviewer: Jill C.
Tue Mar 05, 2015: I like the necklace because its newer and more trendy than the last one I owned

Reviewer: Lorraine S.
Tue Feb 19, 2015: I love this charm necklace. I’ve warn it everyday since my purchase. I feel secure that if I had a problem it would inform the medic’s of my medical status. Thank You for such a nice piece of jewlery that I’m not ashamed to wear.

Reviewer: Joanne C.
Fri Feb 08, 2015: it is atracktive and small enough not to hinder you wearing it

Wed Jan 30, 2015: great

Reviewer: Janet M.
Fri Jan 18, 2015: Necklace is fragile.

Reviewer: Chris
Mon Dec 31, 2012: It was nice but the number style is hard to read.

Reviewer: Tina E.
Thu Dec 13, 2012: The quality of the charm necklace is what I expected. Very durable. I wear it 24/7. The no kink chain is great. Wish I had ordered the chain in a longer length.

Reviewer: Tina B.
Tue Nov 13, 2012: My mother LOVES it

Reviewer: Chris C.
Wed Oct 24, 2012: My daughter loves the charm; the chain link diameter we selected was a little larger than anticipated, but we can change that out in the future.

Reviewer: Crystal A.
Tue Oct 09, 2012: Its much better than the traditional bracelett I had as a child. Im very pleased.

Reviewer: Cheryl W.
Tue Aug 21, 2012: If anything happens, the doctors would know how to deal with my condition, such as my medications, and my heart problems

Reviewer: Monica A.
Wed Jul 25, 2012: It is very lovely

Reviewer: Elizabeth S.
Tue Jun 12, 2012: Very nice look - very feminine and does not look like a medical alert tag. However, the charm has already started to wear on the edges and I have only had it for two weeks. Fairly disappointed with the quality of the metal.

Reviewer: Patricia S.
Mon May 21, 2012: Loved it. Light enough I don’t notice it around my neck. Several positive comments from others. I also purchased key chain for my husband. He loved it.

Reviewer: Roberta S.
Thu May 17, 2012: I have a bracelet but the clasp is too small & the tremors in my hands make it difficult to put on. I ordered the necklace with the hope of it being easier to put on. I can get it on but takes many tries as the clasp is too small. I don’t recall being able to check for a clasp. I love both the bracelet and necklace.

Reviewer: Becky C.
Tue May 15, 2012: I like the look of the charm. I am not happy with the quickly tarnishing finish.

Reviewer: Carole D.
Fri May 04, 2012: Exactly what I wanted.

Reviewer: Pamela C.
Sat Apr 28, 2012: Very attractive. I was disappointed in the bracelet I also bought as my information is engraved on the front-I guess I didn’t understand how to do it.

Reviewer: Barbara P.
Fri Mar 09, 2012: I am very pleased with my purchase. The charm looks like a necklace pendant but serves as a medical alert. Just what I have been looking for.

Reviewer: Sandra J.
Thu Mar 01, 2012: Great charm and chain

Reviewer: Sarah M.
Sun Feb 26, 2012: It appears to be of excellent quality and the message is clearly visible.

Reviewer: Harold G.
Tue Jan 31, 2012: I feel it is not the same quality as prior companies .the I’d is not polished and the engraving seems light. The red paint is poorly done and hardly visible

Reviewer: Rod H.
Sat Jan 21, 2012: The one i purchased seems to heavy

Reviewer: Arthur C.

Reviewer: Ken M.
Fri Nov 25, 2011: Like what I got

Reviewer: Sandy W.
Sat Nov 05, 2011: it was a gift and shipped direct to my friend so I have not seen it. she says its beautiful and glad I got it for her. She never would wear one before but says this looks more like just a charm than a medical ID. She promises to wear it.

Reviewer: Jeanne B.
Sat Oct 08, 2011: I love the look of my sterling silver heart and charm necklace. However, after I wore it about 3 days, it started to corrode around the edges, and the cloth does not remove it. Also, the back surface has clouded and can hardly be read.

Reviewer: Ginger T.
Thu Oct 06, 2011: I thought it was really nice. I put it on a pearl bracelet with a heart already on it. I also got the little red medical id to hang on it since the heart wasn’t colored. Anyway, I really like it

Reviewer: Elda M.
Fri Jun 17, 2011: It is definitely lighter in weight than the staiinless steel one I had before. Only problem is that it doesn’t have the coating on it like my bracelet one.

Reviewer: Barbara O.
Thu Jun 09, 2011: Perfect to wear for work or dress up. Purchased the bracelet also to switch occasionally.

Reviewer: Robert S.
Wed Jun 08, 2011: Very pleased with it.

Reviewer: Ella K.
Fri Jun 03, 2011: I am very satisfied with my medical alert heart charm. It is very delicate looking yet sturdy to last. Thank you. Ella Kilburn

Reviewer: Dana M.
Sat Apr 16, 2011: They are just ok alittle light weight. The dog tag charm with St. Christopher charm was put on backwards have to take to jeweler to repair not happy.

Reviewer: Amy T.
Wed Apr 13, 2011: I was very happy with the quality of the necklace. It’s the perfect length and can be worn with anything. Thank-you

Reviewer: Laverne J.
Sat Apr 02, 2011: it’s pretty neat..all the info is there

Reviewer: Robert C.
Sun Mar 20, 2011: If fits well and has all the info I requested

Reviewer: Dorothy S.
Sun Mar 06, 2011: I think it’s not only practical, but it’s also very pretty. I have already showed it off to several people and have given them your web information.

Reviewer: Dian B.

Reviewer: Janet M.
Wed Jan 26, 2011: It is very attractive. I added it to my other necklace so that I would have med. on it.

Reviewer: M Ann B.
Sat Oct 09, 2010: Extremely satisfied with purchase and your customer service.

Wed Sep 15, 2010: The back of the charm seems to have rough edges/scratches.

Fri Aug 20, 2010: This was a replacement of one that was lost. It was an exact replacement because the original was so good. My only complaint is that this time, we had less space for engraving - I think last time there were 5 lines and this time only 4. That was tricky to get the all the names on this time.

Mon Aug 16, 2010: Very good quality. Style excellent for a teenager.

Reviewer: Lilli K.
Tue Aug 10, 2010: LAD stands for left anterior descending. It should appear in all caps, but is spelled Lad on my pendant. It did appear in all caps on the gold one that I ordered earlier.

Reviewer: Cathy S.
Tue Jul 27, 2010: Overall I am very pleased with it, I hardly know I have it on, which is very important to me.

Reviewer: Cynthia W.
Sat Jun 26, 2010: I bought this item for my daughter. She absolutely loves it. The chain is lovely and the charm is very feminine unlike others we have purchased in the past.

Reviewer: Diane W.
Thu May 27, 2010: I like the charm necklace but it is not practicalfor the amount of info I need on there. I have purchased 2 necklaces now, which list medications. I realize now that for the amount of room I need, it probably should have been the dog tag, but I am not buying another one.

Reviewer: Romona R.
Wed May 26, 2010:

Reviewer: Julie Anne E.
Wed May 12, 2010: I liked the fact that it was not too large yet adequate for the information. With it being heart shaped it is not obviously a medical alert.

Reviewer: Roxanne F.
Tue May 04, 2010: high quality chain & charm-love the length & look of the chain. My only problem is it is difficult to get on & off.

Reviewer: Sonny C.
Thu Apr 29, 2010: I have had a medical tag since mid 80 ’s. I have been very pleased with the service I have received and would and have reccomened to others.

Reviewer: Christine B.
Fri Apr 09, 2010: i really love the charm and engraving but i wish i got a thicker chain with a double latch hook or no hook at all if i order again i would order a chain with no clasp i have showed others who need to whee a id tag and have given your web site to DR.s to give to their patients who have to wear one

Reviewer: Nancy H.
Thu Apr 08, 2010: i really like the weight. I have to be careful about how heavy the necklaces are that I wear. I can ’t even tell I have this one on. Thank you for a very nice ID necklace.

Reviewer: Sue S.
Wed Apr 07, 2010: It looks like a very pretty piece of jewelry.

Fri Mar 19, 2010: Not only is it beautiful, it ’s helpful too

Reviewer: Julie M.
Wed Mar 10, 2010: I did not see the necklace, I had it sent directly to my mother in England. She was thrilled with it and say ’s she will wear it all the time.

Reviewer: Jana S.
Mon Mar 08, 2010: Absolutely Great I got it for my 4 year old daughter as she was diagnosed with epilepsy a few weeks back and I wanted to make sure that her teachers at day care have a helping hand with this. I love it

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