Stainless Steel Dog Tag Blue

Stainless Steel Medical Allergy Dog Tag Blue full sizeStainless Steel Medical Allergy Dog Tag Blue full sizeStainless Steel Medical Allergy Dog Tag Blue full size
Stainless Steel Medical Allergy Dog Tag Blue icon
Stainless Steel Medical Allergy Dog Tag Blue icon
Stainless Steel Medical Allergy Dog Tag Blue icon

  • Offered in 14ct, 10ct, 10ct Rolled Gold, Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel
  • Curb style neck chain included
  • Available with a Red, Blue or Embossed medical symbol in a brushed metal finish

Available with the MyIHR upgrade personal Interactive Health Record. Keep conditions, medications, insurance and other important information updated and organised. Emergency access with PIN engraved on medical ID.
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Gold Dog Tag Embossed Gold Dog Tag Blue Gold Dog Tag Red Sterling Silver Dog Tag Embossed Sterling Silver Dog Tag Blue Sterling Silver Dog Tag Red Stainless Steel Dog Tag Embossed Stainless Steel Dog Tag Blue Stainless Steel Dog Tag Red Stainless Steel Onyx Dog Tag

Stainless Steel Dog Tag

  • Approximately 4.6 cm by 2.5 cm dog tag
  • Weight is 15 grams
  • Curb or bead chain included
  • Engraving detail instructions provided after making product selection

Number of Reviews: 2935,

Reviewer: Karen H.
Wed Sep 30, 2017:

Reviewer: Charles B.
Tue Sep 29, 2017: Gives me the assurance the I will be treated in a safer manner when I am out since I have a pacemaker.

Tue Sep 29, 2017:

Reviewer: Kevin J.
Tue Sep 29, 2017: I ordered this for those days that I don’t want to wear my bracelet. But I need to find a little longer chain for it.

Reviewer: Celia S.
Fri Sep 25, 2017: Very happy with my purchase thank you.

Reviewer: Mitch S.
Thu Sep 24, 2017: More than I expected. Love it wear it all the time

Reviewer: Wendy L.
Thu Sep 24, 2017: My second one - great product

Thu Sep 24, 2017:

Reviewer: Tim S.
Wed Sep 23, 2017:

Reviewer: Don T.
Wed Sep 23, 2017: You did good on this one also, but I ordered it with a chain too short.

Reviewer: Suzanne A.
Sat Sep 19, 2017: This is my second one, had to get a new one due to last name change

Reviewer: Merle T.
Sat Sep 19, 2017:

Reviewer: Tim K.
Sat Sep 19, 2017: It’s a great product looks like it will last for a long time

Reviewer: Bonnie D.
Wed Sep 16, 2017: Was able to put more on the dogtag then the wrist emblems

Reviewer: B B.
Tue Sep 15, 2017: The item is great

Reviewer: Ronald S.
Sat Sep 12, 2017: It’s just the right size and has all the medical info on it.

Sat Sep 12, 2017: Quality

Reviewer: Sarah S.
Thu Sep 10, 2017: Great value.

Reviewer: James D.
Tue Sep 08, 2017: Etchings should be easier to read

Reviewer: Phillip C.
Sun Sep 06, 2017: I was impressed with the engraving and craftsmanship.

Reviewer: Doug M.
Wed Sep 02, 2017: Good quality - does the job.

Reviewer: Abraham R.
Thu Aug 27, 2017: I like it

Reviewer: David P.
Thu Aug 27, 2017:

Reviewer: Wayne K.
Thu Aug 27, 2017: its wtat i expected

Reviewer: Emily D.
Thu Aug 27, 2017: Very nicely done and looks great but the engraving is a little hard to read. My son really liked it. We ordered the wrong size chain so it won’t fit over his head so we will need to buy another one.

Reviewer: Timothy D.
Fri Aug 21, 2017: The clarity of the engraving.

Thu Aug 20, 2017: From past experience, the engraving can wear off after extended wear.

Reviewer: Nicole R.
Thu Aug 20, 2017: Standard

Reviewer: Rebecca M.
Thu Aug 20, 2017: I like it.

Thu Aug 20, 2017: Very good

Reviewer: Woodson J B.
Thu Aug 20, 2017:

Reviewer: Cheryl A.
Wed Aug 19, 2017: It’s a great looking product except I wish there was a better clasp at the back of the chain to put it on and take it off with ease.

Reviewer: Stephanie R.
Wed Aug 19, 2017: I like the product.

Reviewer: Brenda S.
Mon Aug 17, 2017: purchased for myself very satisfied

Reviewer: Henry M.
Sat Aug 15, 2017: As ordered.

Reviewer: Nancy T.
Sat Aug 15, 2017: Substantial piece, definitely will last many years.

Reviewer: Doris G.
Sat Aug 15, 2017: Better engraving and easier to read than older version.

Reviewer: Gayle H.
Sat Aug 15, 2017: It is just what we expected.

Sat Aug 15, 2017:

Fri Aug 14, 2017:

Reviewer: Bill S.
Thu Aug 13, 2017: Attractive and functional

Reviewer: Susan B.
Thu Aug 13, 2017: Quality is good.

Wed Aug 12, 2017: the dog tag is very easy to read and good quality

Reviewer: Donna P.
Sun Aug 09, 2017: You will not be disappointed.

Reviewer: Darrell B.
Fri Aug 07, 2017:

Reviewer: Keith G.
Fri Aug 07, 2017:

Reviewer: Keith G.
Fri Aug 07, 2017:

Reviewer: Jacalyn M.
Thu Aug 06, 2017:

Reviewer: Aymara S.
Thu Aug 06, 2017: D

Reviewer: Grace S.
Thu Aug 06, 2017: love the way it looks and feels

Reviewer: Elizabeth C.
Sun Aug 02, 2017: Your product should be on every person with an illness no matter what kind. I bought this for a dear (29 yrs old @ time)friend of mine because she had an AVM brain bleed, so this will save her life and she wears it everyday and proudly. Thank you for this product. Missy is 37 now and still wears it and says because you never know TY

Sun Aug 02, 2017:

Sat Aug 01, 2017: Better than I expected

Reviewer: John S.
Sat Aug 01, 2017: Good looking easy to read.

Reviewer: Debbie D.
Fri Jul 31, 2017: Well made and practical.

Thu Jul 30, 2017:

Reviewer: Peggy B.
Wed Jul 29, 2017: It seems to be of very good quality. I wouldn’t wear it, if it did not look good. It conveys the medical information that I asked for.

Reviewer: Jennifer B.
Wed Jul 29, 2017: Looks very nice. Engraving easy to read

Reviewer: Sonya L.
Thu Jul 16, 2017:

Thu Jul 16, 2017:

Reviewer: Glenda D.
Wed Jul 15, 2017: I really love this . I always would break the bracelet. The necklace is a lot easier for me.

Reviewer: Lawrence E.
Wed Jul 15, 2017:

Reviewer: Janet M.
Mon Jul 13, 2017:

Reviewer: Ellen K.
Sun Jul 12, 2017: Tag is large enough to spell out items rather than using initials.

Reviewer: Douglas W.
Sun Jul 12, 2017: This my third one of this type, due to prescription changes. Most convenient for me.

Sun Jul 12, 2017: Exactly as described. I am a return customer.

Reviewer: Heather J.
Fri Jul 10, 2017: Very nice. solid and study

Thu Jul 09, 2017: Impressive

Reviewer: Phyllis S.
Wed Jul 08, 2017: Neat & contained the proper engraving.

Reviewer: Iris B.
Tue Jul 07, 2017: Thank you for helping keep my husband safe as he sometimes leaves the house in the night.

Reviewer: Judith P.
Mon Jul 06, 2017: This is a great product.

Reviewer: Andrew M.
Sun Jul 05, 2017:

Reviewer: Nancy S.
Sat Jul 04, 2017: Not happy with chain

Sat Jul 04, 2017: Great, just what I wanted

Reviewer: Linda G.
Fri Jul 03, 2017: I’m very pleased. I’m already looking forward to the next necklace I’ll order (what I need to add next time).

Reviewer: Gary L.
Thu Jul 02, 2017: Nice to have a second one on hand.

Reviewer: Sheryl E.
Tue Jun 30, 2017: It is extremely nice and was able to put on it the information that I wanted. Very nice product.

Reviewer: Robin P.
Mon Jun 29, 2017: The only thing I wish is that I wish there was just a little bit more space for me to put all of my information on.

Reviewer: Cheryl T.
Mon Jun 29, 2017:

Reviewer: Cheryl T.
Mon Jun 29, 2017:

Reviewer: Deborah S.
Sat Jun 27, 2017: Nice sturdy piece of jewelry.

Reviewer: Deborah S.
Sat Jun 27, 2017: Nice study piece of jewelry.

Reviewer: Carla E.
Fri Jun 26, 2017: purchased for my husband. its stylish and not awkward for him to wear. He wouldn’t wear a bracelet, this is great for him.

Reviewer: Robin B.
Fri Jun 26, 2017: Your staff was very knowledgeable in the products you sell. They helped me choose a style that my 18 year old son loves to wear. He said your staff did an awesome job in helping choose a style right for him, gender and age group. Great Job Have recommended you to all our family and friends.

Reviewer: Patricia W.
Fri Jun 26, 2017: As stated above. The chain on this one is a bit shorter than I would like, but I have worn it. It only came with a 27 chain. I would have preferred a longer chain, like 30 .

Reviewer: Jonathan R.
Wed Jun 24, 2017: The tag was great but website needs to be more clear when ordering because I thought a necklace came with a chain but you have to select it.

Reviewer: Steve W.
Wed Jun 24, 2017: It is exactly what I wanted and expected

Reviewer: Steve W.
Wed Jun 24, 2017: I would recommend the red as it stands out more than the blue. I also wnated the black but was not available at the time.

Reviewer: Canpinar V.
Wed Jun 24, 2017: Overall impression 1- I like it. That is for sure ) 2- It is heavier than I thought and this is why I will order a Titanium one from you people as well. 3- I wish that the same chain as spares would be there during the order for a fee of course, as the chain lock seems that it will not last that long and understandable for that price.

Reviewer: Mitch A.
Tue Jun 23, 2017: nice

Reviewer: Melvin R.
Tue Jun 23, 2017:

Sat Jun 20, 2017:

Reviewer: Robert G.
Sat Jun 20, 2017: Information, Given

Reviewer: Aaron H.
Sat Jun 20, 2017: Contained all the correct info on engraving.

Reviewer: Raymond R.
Sat Jun 20, 2017: This is the second set of SS dog tags I have purchased from you and they do their mission admirably.

Reviewer: Linda G.
Fri Jun 19, 2017: Excellent

Thu Jun 18, 2017: Fine. Looks like it will not corrode and should retain its clarity.

Reviewer: Walter E D.
Mon Jun 08, 2017: Well crafted. Had to update due to change of medications.

Reviewer: Teresa B.
Mon Jun 08, 2017: Wonderful

Reviewer: Samuel D.
Thu Jun 04, 2017: Nice product

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