Nylon Sportband

Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband full sizeNylon Medical ID Active Sportband full sizeNylon Medical ID Active Sportband full sizeNylon Medical ID Active Sportband full sizeNylon Medical ID Active Sportband full sizeNylon Medical ID Active Sportband full sizeNylon Medical ID Active Sportband full sizeNylon Medical ID Active Sportband full sizeNylon Medical ID Active Sportband full sizeNylon Medical ID Active Sportband full size
Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband icon
Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband icon
Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband icon
Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband icon
Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband icon
Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband icon
Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband icon
Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband icon
Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband icon
Nylon Medical ID Active Sportband icon

Durable and stylish – this sportband medical ID is perfect for active children, teens, and adults.

  • Offered in a variety of colors and prints
  • Adjustable nylon band available in three wrist sizes
  • Secure center buckle clasp

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Stainless Steel Classic Nylon Sportband Stainless Steel Classic Red Nylon Sportband Stainless Steel Classic Small Nylon Sportband Stainless Steel Classic Red Small Nylon Sportband

Nylon Sportband

  • Adjustable nylon band
  • Clasp-center release buckle
  • Brass rivets attach stainless steel bracelet plate to band
  • Engraving detail instructions provided after making product selection

Number of Reviews: 38,

Reviewer: Michele P.
Thu Jul 12, 2012: This is exactly the product I needed for comfortable wear during exercise. I especially love the extra text lines on the front and backsides.

Reviewer: Joy O.
Thu Jun 07, 2012: my daughter really liked the bracelet.. it was really nice and its readable.....

Reviewer: Marlene U.
Wed Mar 07, 2012: Love it easy to get on and fits comfortably

Reviewer: Joyce
Fri Jan 06, 2012: I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend you folks to anyone needing this type of product.

Reviewer: Tammy H.
Thu Nov 17, 2011: My 5 year old likes it. I just wish the info was engraved deeper, and that the cost was cheaper.

Reviewer: Anna M.
Wed Nov 16, 2011: tells everything a Dr. needs in an emergency situation if I’m unable to speak for myself. Nicely made. This is the second time I have purchased such items from you. I also bought a Dogtag for backup.

Reviewer: Alfredo R.
Tue Oct 04, 2011: Exactly what I need for my daughter. Looks cool and she likes it because it’s her favorite color.

Reviewer: Gretchen B.
Wed Aug 17, 2011: It’s perfect for my 2 year old daughter’s wrist. It calls enough attention to itself without sticking out.

Reviewer: Paula B.
Thu Aug 11, 2011: Very nice. Easy to snap on. Sturdy but yet soft enough to be comfortable. I wear it for eveyday and the Priemer for dress up.

Reviewer: Sarah Y.
Wed Jul 06, 2011: Bought this to replace one purchased previously, the name plate had finally fallen off after five years of wear. Have to give the new one less than 5 stars because the engraving isn’t as good as my old one, not as visible, and that’s important.

Reviewer: Anne
Sat Jul 02, 2011: I got this bracelet because of the 1/2 off deal, and I really love it There is less of the decorative fabric showing than I expected, but that doesn’t bother me. It is easily adjusted and so lightweight I forget I am wearing it. I have worn a bracelet for 2/3 of my life, and it is so nice to have a little change. I alternate it with my regular stainless steel bracelet for a decorative touch. It appears to be very securely attached to the band, and the buckle is very secure as well. It is not likely to come open when I don’t want it to.

Reviewer: Donna B.
Sat Jun 25, 2011: I had previously purchased a chain link bracelet & wasn’t satisfied with it because the important info engraved on the front scratched off right away d/t the bracelet not being snug on my wrist unlike the sportsbands I recently ordered.

Reviewer: Liz G.
Sat Apr 23, 2011: My granddaughter love the band and now wears it all the time.

Reviewer: Tammy H.
Thu Apr 14, 2011: Wish the engraving was deeper and the price cheaper.

Reviewer: Kerry K.
Tue Mar 08, 2011: I liked it. It was what I ordered But my granddaughter is so tiny the bracelet is still big. At least she’ll be able to wear it for a long time.

Reviewer: Karin W.
Wed Jan 12, 2011: High quality and functional

Reviewer: Jacqueline B.
Fri Dec 24, 2010: Excellent workmanship.

Reviewer: Dianna R.
Fri Oct 15, 2010: 2 Sportsband purchased for my 5 year old daughter. Easy for me to put it on and take it off and very comfortable for her. The engraving is light so it’s tough to see, but overall product is great.

Reviewer: Sue R.
Wed Sep 01, 2010: I like the roomy info plate, which allowed me to include all health information. It is attractive and easy to put on and off, but a little stiff to be completely comfortable for long-term use. Glad I also got the expansion band to trade off.

Reviewer: Bruce M.
Sat Aug 21, 2010: Sport band was just what I was looking for, dog tag was very good quality.

Reviewer: Patricia T.
Fri Aug 06, 2010: i purchased two bracelets for my daughter. one sport wrist band and the other a regular silver bracelet. the writing on the sport band is too light to see/read in some lighting.

Reviewer: Raymond W.
Tue Jul 20, 2010: too small_not adjustable

Reviewer: Gerianne R.
Thu Jul 08, 2010: I have bought from you before and have been very happy. My new red heart sportsband is engraved very lightly. It is hard to read. This is my 5th sportsband and I have never had this problem

Reviewer: Joanne B.
Thu Jul 08, 2010: This bracelet was purchased for a 10 year old and the clasp is very hard to open. The first one that I purchased is much easier to get on and off.

Reviewer: Kathy C.

Reviewer: Sandra P.
Tue Jun 29, 2010: I like this one very much, fits nice,since I like the outdoors I’m not so worried about losing it.

Reviewer: Roberto S.
Wed Jun 16, 2010: is ok

Reviewer: Janet U.
Wed Jun 09, 2010: This sportsband offers greater ID for me since I started taking Warfarin to prevent strokes.

Reviewer: Sarah Q.
Thu May 06, 2010: Sporty and fun. Bought more than one thanks to the half of discount so I could mix and match with my wardrobe. They are easy to wear and durable. Important when keeping up with two teenage boys

Reviewer: Vickie T.
Mon Apr 19, 2010:

Reviewer: Joann W.
Tue Apr 13, 2010: Love the sportband but the engraving is to little

Reviewer: K S.
Wed Apr 07, 2010: Not an appropriate choice for my 5-year old. It is too wide and cumbersome for her small wrist. It should not be offered as a selection for a small child.

Reviewer: Barbara H.
Fri Apr 02, 2010: I have a huge problem with being allergic to nickel so to find a bracelet I can wear all the time was terrific. I love it and passed on the information to my jeweler who has customers with the same allergy. Thanks a million for coming to the rescue

Reviewer: Kelly C.
Tue Mar 16, 2010: not very comfy. thought it would be best to wear all the time but is not. itches and leaves bruise like marks on the arm.

Reviewer: John F.
Fri Feb 12, 2010: Very Poor. The cover bearing all of my data fell off the first time I took my winter jacket off. Without the cover there is no medical information nor any indication that it was a medic alert bracelet. In addition, no where on the bracelet is there a telephone number. I assume you took all of my medical information so it would be available, but how would they know where to call. If it were inside on the paper you provided it would have fallen out when the cover came off. I am beggining to think I made a bad choice.

Reviewer: Lori Jean E.
Thu Feb 04, 2010: I thought the band was great for my daughter and the engraving was nice also. I was also impressed with how fast it came.

Reviewer: Barbie B.
Fri Jan 22, 2010: Everything I wanted it to be, and more. It exceeded my expectations, and more importantly, my daugher ’s--since she has to wear it. The quality exceeded the price.

Reviewer: Mary F G.
Fri Jan 22, 2010: I appreciated the prompt delivery of the beautiful bracelet that I will be proud to wear. It really catches your attention Which is a good thing since it is a Medical ID

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