Lynx Midas

Lynx Midas Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet full sizeLynx Midas Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet full sizeLynx Midas Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet full size
Lynx Midas Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet icon
Lynx Midas Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet icon
Lynx Midas Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet icon

Able and enduring, the Lynx collection provides great looking security for every day wear.

  • Stylish, durable stainless steel
  • Personalised engraving for just $7

This item is discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Please consider an alternate ID style.

Item #162


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Lynx Midas

  • Weight: 40 grams
  • Bracelet lengths are not adjustable
  • 18ct gold plate emblem and screw detail
  • Panther Link chain bracelet
  • Foldover clasp
  • Three lines of engraving available

  • Number of Reviews: 97,

    Reviewer: Robert O.
    Wed Sep 02, 2017: Attractive and sturdy. Nice engraving.

    Reviewer: Lisa A.
    Sat Aug 15, 2017: fits well and it looks nice.

    Thu Jul 23, 2017:

    Thu Jul 23, 2017:

    Reviewer: Richard Y.
    Fri Jul 03, 2017: A very fine quality made medical bracelet. It looked great on the webb page,looks just fine on my wrist.

    Reviewer: Michael J.
    Wed Jul 01, 2017: very nice

    Reviewer: Sheryl E.
    Tue Jun 30, 2017: Very elegant looking. I purchased these items for my husband’s birthday and he is thrilled with them.

    Reviewer: Kathleen B.
    Wed Jun 24, 2017: Great workmanship. A little big, but if my arm swells, it still fits.

    Reviewer: Candy F.
    Tue Jun 23, 2017: Great. A little hard to put on by self at first but then okay.

    Reviewer: Samuel D.
    Thu Jun 04, 2017: Nice product

    Wed Apr 15, 2017: Well made attractive

    Reviewer: John L.
    Wed Apr 08, 2017: I rated it a 4 because the bracelet cannot be size adjusted. It is too big. Tried having a jeweler size it, but they couldn’t. I read a review where a woman did this for her son. Other than that, I really like it. American Medical ID is a great company.

    Reviewer: Renee W.
    Sat Mar 21, 2017: Very pleased with it.

    Thu Mar 05, 2017: It is real nice fits well and looks great.

    Tue Mar 03, 2017: made of quality material, very nice.

    Reviewer: Herbert T.
    Thu Feb 05, 2017:

    Reviewer: Diana Y.
    Sat Jan 17, 2017: The Lynx bracelet is of high quality and it looks great on

    Reviewer: Kris S.
    Thu Jan 01, 2017:

    Reviewer: Michele S.
    Thu Jan 01, 2017: Very happy with the quality, for the price.

    Reviewer: John T.
    Sun Dec 28, 2016:

    Fri Oct 10, 2016:

    Reviewer: Lori A.
    Fri Sep 26, 2016: my husband was very pleased.

    Reviewer: Robert M.
    Fri Jul 04, 2016: Nice quality. Bracelet too large. Can it be made smaller?

    Reviewer: Tania F.
    Thu Jun 26, 2016: It was for my son and he is very happy with it (10 years old). I had read reviews that it wasn’t adjustable but I took it to a jeweler and he removed some links for a better fit.

    Wed May 28, 2016: Appears to be well made and should last a long time. Hopefully the husband will take care of it

    Reviewer: Chuck W.
    Tue May 27, 2016: very nice..fits perfect

    Reviewer: Don C.
    Sat May 10, 2016: Very pleased with quality and appearance.

    Reviewer: Frank H.
    Fri Apr 18, 2016: Great quality, I probably should have gotten one more link.stainless steel is great,look is excellent. Edges are a bit sharp, clasp works well.Would recommend as dress quality,and also very rugged. My last bracelet from Amer Medical lasted 10 plus years...

    Reviewer: Terry S.
    Sat Apr 05, 2016: As someone who wears a bracelet all the time, this one is the most stylish one I have ever worn.

    Reviewer: Alexander M.
    Sat Mar 22, 2016:

    Sat Mar 15, 2016: It is professional enough that I can wear it at work.

    Reviewer: Jan O.
    Fri Mar 14, 2016: Little heavier than expected

    Sat Mar 08, 2016: Very professional looking. I wear this with my dress clothes at work.

    Reviewer: Brian C.
    Wed Feb 26, 2016: Very Pleased with Band, Looks Great.

    Thu Feb 20, 2016: wasn’t as large as I thought it would be. also the clasp was tougher than expected.

    Reviewer: Debra M.
    Fri Jan 03, 2016: My husband is very pleased with his bracelet.

    Reviewer: Victoria B.
    Sat Dec 21, 2015: It’s comfortable and well crafted. Proud to own and wear it. I get many compliments.

    Reviewer: Stan C.
    Wed Nov 27, 2015: Very nice looking and good quality.

    Reviewer: Michael
    Wed Nov 20, 2015:

    Reviewer: Kenneth C.
    Sat Oct 26, 2015:

    Reviewer: Lee W.
    Fri Oct 11, 2015: Well made, attractive, functional. Very happy with my purchase.

    Reviewer: Rose C.
    Wed Sep 25, 2015: Very nicely made, I ordered wrong size and thought it had removable pins but we have to take it to a jeweler for resizing. I should have asked before I purchased.

    Fri Sep 20, 2015: Very solid- nice finish-not heavy. I like alot.

    Fri Sep 06, 2015: It’s very sturdy. But only holds enough lines for three bits of information.

    Reviewer: Joyce M.
    Fri Aug 16, 2015: Nice bracelet.

    Reviewer: Bob T.
    Sun Jul 07, 2015: Very good quality. The bracelet is just a little bigger than I expected and I wish there were a way to adjust it.

    Reviewer: Ronnie
    Mon Jul 01, 2015: Looks great, easy to take links out. Put needle nose plyers in slots, then open pliers up and the link comes apart. Then line up pins and with vise grips or pliers squeeze back together. Worked good for me anyway.

    Sat Jun 15, 2015:

    Sat Jun 08, 2015: I like it and the way it looks and feels. It does pull a man’s arm hair.

    Reviewer: Gordon E.
    Fri May 31, 2015: It is sturdy, comfortable & looks great, what I was looking for. Suitable for a mans wrist.

    Reviewer: Robert T.
    Thu May 23, 2015: I Lynx bracelet is well made and look great

    Reviewer: Linda H.
    Wed May 22, 2015: Handsome for a gentleman as well as functional

    Reviewer: Henry S.
    Thu May 16, 2015: Thought it was wider as from the picture on your website indicated. Engraving could be bolder. I am very pleased and proud to wear your product. Several people has asked me where I got it. Of course I relayed the info.

    Reviewer: Janice H.
    Wed May 08, 2015: My husband thought it was a good looking med bracelet

    Reviewer: Jack W.
    Thu May 02, 2015: Quality piece. Great service. I’m very pleased.

    Reviewer: Robert P.
    Wed May 01, 2015:

    Reviewer: Rick M.
    Thu Apr 18, 2015: The bracelet I ordered was both stylish and comfortable to wear.

    Reviewer: Jon O.
    Tue Apr 16, 2015:

    Reviewer: Mona B.
    Fri Apr 12, 2015: Like that it does not scratch and is a comfortable weight, while being attractivw

    Reviewer: Craig G.
    Tue Apr 09, 2015: The bracelet I purchased is a great one. It is only slightly larger than my wrist which is a perfect fit and there was no problem w/ the fit. The only area that this purchase could have been better was the inscription is just a little light. A deeper cut would serve this better. Thanks

    Reviewer: Edward C.
    Sun Apr 07, 2015: It seems like a good quality product and durable.

    Reviewer: Ron W.
    Sat Apr 06, 2015:

    Wed Mar 20, 2015: Well made. Engraving too light - difficult to read.

    Reviewer: Joseph V.
    Sun Mar 17, 2015: I am excited about the product. Looks great and looks sturdy. Unfortunately the one I bought is too large. I tried a Live Chat but no one was in so I e-mailed my questions.

    Reviewer: Terry A.
    Sat Feb 23, 2015: Exceeded my expectations

    Reviewer: William B.
    Tue Feb 12, 2015: Nice looks, rugged construction, nice ingraving and I like the product very much. I had it resized to fit my smaller wrist.

    Reviewer: Tony R.
    Tue Feb 05, 2015: product is of good quality and robust for a long life. thankyou.

    Reviewer: David E.
    Fri Feb 01, 2015: The product exceeded my expectations. I’m sorry I didn’t order one sooner than I did

    Reviewer: Nathan B.
    Sun Jan 27, 2015: I ordered the 8.5 inch because the 7 inch was out of stock. The 8.5 was way too big and the 7 would have done just fine. The only recomemendation i could make is to keep the 7.5 inch in stock so buyers do not have to wait additional weeks or months when purchasing.

    Reviewer: Tom M.
    Fri Jan 25, 2015: Pleased with the look. I wish the engraving were darker to make it more visible.

    Fri Dec 21, 2012: Very masculine, made well. Downside, Jeweler was unable to resize for better fit.

    Reviewer: Joe B.
    Tue Dec 18, 2012: it is nice looking

    Reviewer: Judith C.
    Tue Dec 11, 2012: It is heavier than I expected, but I am pleased with it. I can wear it 24/7 without fear of loosing it. I could not do that with the first two bracelets I purchased from you.

    Reviewer: George K.
    Tue Nov 13, 2012: A beautiful piece of jewelry. Noticed by everyone.

    Reviewer: John B.
    Tue Nov 13, 2012:

    Reviewer: Jeff K.
    Tue Nov 06, 2012: Beautiful and better than I thought

    Reviewer: Edd D.
    Tue Oct 30, 2012: I think it is very stylish annd good looking.

    Mon Oct 15, 2012: Nicer than I expected.

    Reviewer: Harold R.
    Sat Sep 15, 2012: The bracelet appears to be a very high quality item. It is vey nice looking, but can be a bit of a chore to put on, or take off. I suppose that will be less of a hindance with more practice.

    Reviewer: Carolyn S.
    Tue May 29, 2012: It’s great Also purchased the swivel tag...doesn’t stay in it’s protective cover...I’ve got it on my key chain.

    Reviewer: Robert C.
    Wed Jan 04, 2012: The edges are very crisp, almost sharp and it has scraped my wrist a couple of times already.

    Reviewer: Joseph E.

    Reviewer: Teri E.
    Wed Dec 14, 2011: LOVE the bracelet - hate that you cannot adjust size. HATE the engraving - returning to be redone so words can be easily read. WAITING to see how quality stands up - reviews are awful. Why can’t you do something to resolve all those complaints, which we saw after paying 100+???

    Reviewer: Derrick A. G.
    Tue Dec 06, 2011: The workmanship is excellent, but the means of measurement not good. The bracelet shipped is longer than measured and cannot not be returned or adjusted by a jeweler.

    Fri Jul 15, 2011: So far, well satisfied.

    Reviewer: B. P.
    Sat Jun 18, 2011: Good looking design,sturdy construction and comfortable for wearing 24/7.

    Reviewer: Darlene B.
    Wed Feb 16, 2011: I was quite happy with the quality of the item I chose and the engraving, but extremely unhappy that the links could not be removed to make it smaller. I don’t think it stated that in the discription. (

    Reviewer: Michael C.
    Tue Jan 18, 2011: This is a quality piece the engraving is superb I would by another one I hope the EMT can read mjc this is a

    Reviewer: Ganyne R.
    Wed Jan 12, 2011: The product was exactly as ordered and even arrived well before the estimated arrival date.

    Reviewer: Jim R.
    Wed Dec 29, 2010: I am very pleased with the quality and style of my ID bracelet. The workmanship is excellent

    Reviewer: Vance V.
    Thu Dec 23, 2010: I like the look of the bracelet but disappointed in the quality. I have had it less than 2 weeks and its pretty scratched and marked up from normal wear and tear. I have other watches and bracelets that I have had for years and they do not look as bad as this bracelet does. Is there anything you can do?

    Reviewer: Don L.
    Fri Dec 17, 2010: I like it. There should be one made with a gold and silver mix in the bracelet to better match other jewellery worn. It was a pleasant transaction from start to finish. Overall pleased and others have asked where I got it.

    Reviewer: Roger F.
    Fri Nov 05, 2010: Very well made and a piece of jewelry. Wish there was a safety catch or safety chain on the clasp. Very satisfied if the engraving doesn’t wear off as has happened in former bracelets.

    Reviewer: Curtis G.
    Wed Oct 13, 2010: It is a beautiful bracelet, but I had to have one link taken out of it.

    Reviewer: Paul H.
    Thu Jul 15, 2010:

    Reviewer: James M.
    Tue Jul 13, 2010: My first choice was a gold bracelet but the cost was prohibitive. I am pleased with the bracelet I purchased.

    Reviewer: Gerardo F.
    Fri Mar 05, 2010:

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