Gold/Rolled Gold Pendant Red

Gold/Gold-Filled Pendant Red Medical ID Necklace full sizeGold/Gold-Filled Pendant Red Medical ID Necklace full sizeGold/Gold-Filled Pendant Red Medical ID Necklace full size
Gold/Gold-Filled Pendant Red Medical ID Necklace icon
Gold/Gold-Filled Pendant Red Medical ID Necklace icon
Gold/Gold-Filled Pendant Red Medical ID Necklace icon

Beautiful, ornate, classy and elegant all describe our charm necklace collection. With so many great options you can choose the charm that fits your style.

  • Offered in 14ct, 10ct Rolled Gold, and Sterling Silver
  • Curb style neck chain included at no extra cost

Available with the MyIHR upgrade personal Interactive Health Record. Keep conditions, medications, insurance and other important information updated and organised. Emergency access with PIN engraved on medical ID.
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Gold/Rolled Gold Pendant Red

  • 2.2 cm diameter pendant
  • Weight is 3 grams
  • Available in chain styles of Curb, Rope, Box, Cable or Bead
  • Spring-Ring clasp standard
  • Cable chain is soldered to O-Ring
  • Engraving detail instructions provided after making product selection

Number of Reviews: 13,

Reviewer: Lorra D.
Sat Dec 31, 2011: The clasp on the chain is very hard to open for an older person with arthritis in the hands. Took to a jeweler to have the clasp replaced. Other than that the necklace pendant is very nice.

Wed Sep 14, 2011: The printing on back is difficult to make out. It may have been best to order a bracelet, as it is difficult to get him to leave necklace on.

Reviewer: Jeanne M.
Tue Apr 12, 2011: I’m very happy with my purchase.

Reviewer: Ted A.
Mon Mar 28, 2011: The medallion was as nice as expected, however I was extremely disappointed in the engraving In the online examples, you can easily read the letters. On mine, you have to look VERY close to even see that it is engraved. What can be done about this?

Reviewer: Terry S.
Sat Feb 26, 2011: It was done properly.

Reviewer: Barbara Borden
Thu Feb 10, 2011: The product is as described and of good quality

Reviewer: Patricia O’b R.
Tue Dec 28, 2010: satisfied with product, though I do find it hard to clasp the chain each morning (I have a little arthritis).

Reviewer: Amy Jo T.
Sun Oct 17, 2010: I really like it because it is pretty and people notice it. I get a lot of compliments on it and it is good that it is really noticeable. Make me feel confident that medical personnel will not miss it.

Reviewer: Mary W.
Mon Oct 04, 2010: Very nice, no complaints.

Reviewer: Sarah K.
Sat Oct 02, 2010: Very nice well maded love it

Reviewer: Joyce R.
Tue Aug 03, 2010: I wish i would have bought this necklace charm when i was first diagnosed with Diabetes, i now where it everyday, i feel much safer with it on in case of any emergency, i might buy another in the future as a back-up. Thank-You Joyce@olm1.com

Reviewer: Linda L.
Sun Jun 20, 2010: So far, I am really impressed with the necklace and all that the website offers. I also purchased a dog tag for my son and he is using the website also. I have filled in everything and feel secure in knowing that should anything happen to me...someone can access my website and learn anything they needed to know. What a valuable tool. I just wish that I had been able to receive some of the discounts, that I now get, to use on my large order.

Reviewer: Pete C.
Fri Jun 04, 2010: impressive and informative

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