Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red

Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet full sizeStainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet full sizeStainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet full sizeStainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet full sizeStainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet full sizeStainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet full sizeStainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet full sizeStainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet full sizeStainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet full size
Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet icon
Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet icon
Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet icon
Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet icon
Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet icon
Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet icon
Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet icon
Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet icon
Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Medical ID Bracelet icon

The best way to describe this popular medical ID is comfortable durability. It is simple and effective.

  • Interchangeable, silicone bands available in multiple sizes and colours
  • Medical emblem embossed on silicone band
  • Purchase a 9 colour band bundle pack – only £3.00 additional
  • Limited Edition colours, like Earth Tones, Coastal, Sparkle and Mighty Bundles available after entering your engraving details

Available with the MyIHR upgrade personal Interactive Health Record. Keep conditions, medications, insurance and other important information updated and organised. Emergency access with PIN engraved on medical ID.
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Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Stainless Steel Small Silicone Flex Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Outline Stainless Steel Small Silicone Flex Red Outline Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Stainless Steel Small Silicone Flex Red Sterling Silver Silicone Flex Onyx Large Silicone Flex Onyx Small Silicone Flex Rose Gold Large Silicone Flex Rose Gold Small Silicone Flex Silicone Flex Original Bundle Pack Silicone Flex Earth Tone Bundle Pack Silicone Flex Mighty Bundle Pack Silicone Flex Sparkle Bundle Pack Silicone Flex Coastal Bundle Pack

Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red

  • Stretch silicone band, non adjustable
  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Engravable plate size approximately 5 cm x 2.5 cm
  • Personalised engraving
  • Available sizes (length includes plate ID): 16.5 cm (S), 18.5 cm (M), 20 cm (L) and 23 cm (XL)
  • Engraving detail instructions provided after making product selection
  • Silicone band 14mm width

Number of Reviews: 336,

Reviewer: Kim C.
Tue Sep 29, 2017:

Reviewer: Cyril A.
Sat Sep 26, 2017: above what we pictured to be, Very satisfied...

Reviewer: Sara W.
Fri Sep 18, 2017: I like that I can change the band color and there was an option to print on front and back. The band was too small and I need another size.

Thu Sep 17, 2017: I really like the SS tag and the engravng is very good.

Reviewer: Maria D.
Sun Sep 13, 2017: The band fit perfectly. My son likes the color. The inbraves are very clear and readable. It is printed just like I required. thank you very much.

Reviewer: Bridgette I.
Sun Sep 13, 2017: So far I am pleased with the quality. I like the idea of the interchangeable bracelets. My son needs this and he loves the blue color. He feels stylish even though he is sick.

Reviewer: Nell S.
Sat Sep 12, 2017: I am very pleased.

Fri Sep 11, 2017:

Reviewer: Jack T.
Wed Sep 09, 2017: Great product. This is my 2nd ID bracelet I have ordered.

Reviewer: Debra E.
Wed Sep 02, 2017: Easy to use and read

Fri Aug 21, 2017: I expected the print to be black so that it could be read clearly.

Reviewer: Bette W.
Thu Aug 20, 2017: I loved it.

Reviewer: Connie M.
Fri Aug 14, 2017: I love the versatility of the bands The plate allows me the space to put more information.

Reviewer: Michael N.
Tue Aug 11, 2017: The medical ID bracelet that I purchased is awesome

Reviewer: Patricia M.
Thu Aug 06, 2017:

Reviewer: Deb L.
Thu Aug 06, 2017: We were very satisfied with the prompt an professional attention to our order. We will use this company for future orders. Thank you .

Sat Aug 01, 2017: The product I have no complaints about. It is the ordering of the flex bands I had a problem with.

Reviewer: Margaret B.
Thu Jul 23, 2017: Nice looking, sporty. Easy to wear.

Reviewer: Kristina O.
Wed Jul 22, 2017: My boyfriend is happy with his bracelet.

Reviewer: Samantha P.
Thu Jul 09, 2017:

Reviewer: Nick Z.
Thu Jul 02, 2017: So far, so good

Wed Jul 01, 2017: When the Dr and staff at the assisted living facility saw the bracelet, they were very impressed and asked where I’d gotten it and were going to tell others about it.

Reviewer: Robin L.
Sat Jun 27, 2017:

Reviewer: Tina P.
Tue Jun 23, 2017:

Reviewer: Allen C.
Tue Jun 09, 2017: Our son will finally wear a bracelet without giving us a problem

Reviewer: Maria M.
Tue Jun 02, 2017: It’s much better than traditional medical alert braclets.

Reviewer: Dorothy M.
Sat May 30, 2017:

Sat May 30, 2017: I like that it is a nice modern design from the medical bracelets of yesteryears.

Tue May 26, 2017: well made

Reviewer: Howard B.
Sat May 23, 2017:

Reviewer: Diana J.
Tue May 19, 2017: Great product Thank you

Reviewer: Jenna S.
Mon May 18, 2017: Love how secure the tag feels on the silicone flex but wish I had gotten one size smaller.

Reviewer: Davina H.
Wed Apr 29, 2017: It’s very comfortable but the itdentifyyourself.com on the back tends to leave an inprint in my skin if I don’t move it every so often.

Reviewer: Hope C.
Sat Apr 18, 2017: Very comfortable wear, love the different colors and was delivered in a timely manner,plus all information engraved was correct.

Reviewer: Melody G.
Wed Apr 08, 2017: I’m very happy with my purchase, and my child actually will wear it.

Reviewer: D R.
Sun Mar 29, 2017: Very durable. Could better rate the overall satisfaction of this bracelet after softball season, we will see if it stand up to the rigors of the game.

Reviewer: Michael
Sat Mar 28, 2017: Nice fit. Appears it will hold up over time. Comfortable - most of the time I forget I am wearing it.

Mon Mar 23, 2017:

Reviewer: Peter S.
Thu Mar 05, 2017:

Reviewer: Jacob L.
Thu Mar 05, 2017:

Reviewer: Jody G.
Tue Mar 03, 2017: i liked the engraving and fast shimpment

Reviewer: Regina L.
Thu Feb 12, 2017: its the perfect fit for my wrist

Wed Feb 11, 2017:

Reviewer: W C.
Sat Feb 07, 2017: Easy to read, works great for my purpose.

Fri Feb 06, 2017: I love the color choices. It looks nice and feels good to wear 24/7

Reviewer: An A.
Thu Feb 05, 2017: It is great my daughter is enjoying.

Reviewer: Gary R O.
Tue Feb 03, 2017: very useful andconfortable

Reviewer: Maureen J.
Sat Jan 31, 2017: Good quality with correct information. Comfortable to wear.

Reviewer: Susan S.
Thu Jan 01, 2017: The bracelet is durable .

Reviewer: Steven W.
Sat Dec 27, 2016: This bracelet looks and feels better than the other bracelet that I have.

Reviewer: Deborah H.
Fri Dec 26, 2016:

Reviewer: Deborah H.
Fri Dec 26, 2016:

Reviewer: Janie W.
Fri Dec 12, 2016:

Reviewer: Barbara G.
Fri Dec 05, 2016: so far so good. only been a week though

Reviewer: Dennis M.
Wed Dec 03, 2016:

Reviewer: Martha S.
Sat Nov 15, 2016: Very comfortable to wear everyday.

Reviewer: Annette S.
Tue Nov 11, 2016: Printing was nice. However I would have like the printing to be a bit darker so you don’t have to squint when trying to read the information

Reviewer: Chuck C.
Tue Nov 04, 2016: Product appears to be excellent but I haven’t owned it long enough to give it a 5 rating.

Reviewer: June B.
Thu Oct 16, 2016: Very nicely made

Reviewer: Bethany B.
Mon Oct 13, 2016: Its complimentary to all of my outfits (i purchased the multi color band pack) and i was able to include all my health information a s well as mefications on the band.

Reviewer: Diana B.
Sun Oct 12, 2016: Good fit, flexible

Reviewer: Bob S.
Fri Oct 10, 2016: product is good. size is wrong.

Reviewer: Marihot S.
Fri Oct 10, 2016: It’s nice to see, and suggest to have more selection of bright color.

Reviewer: Barry O.
Tue Oct 07, 2016: I am wondering how long it will last because I stretch it over my hand.

Mon Oct 06, 2016:

Reviewer: Sandra D.
Fri Oct 03, 2016: Over time they rip so that’s why I didn’t score them a 5, but for the cost they are a great value and I don’t mind ordering new ones after a year or so. Since a child grows out of each size, it’s great to have a low cost optoon

Reviewer: Kevin K.
Thu Oct 02, 2016: lightweight which is good for me and easy to put on. Writing is too small, but otherwise everything is good.

Reviewer: Tracy W.
Wed Oct 01, 2016: product is fine but the salesman didn’t tell me that the length of the silicone flex and the metal plate combined would be a certain length...I ordered the flex bracelet by measuring my daughter’s wrist...not taking the 2 of the plate into consideration which I feel the salesman should of made me aware of...I had to call and order flex bands that were shorter...

Reviewer: Anita M.
Thu Sep 25, 2016: I ordered a necklace for my husband prior to this; but he didn’t care for it. He love the silicone flex bracelet, of which now he leaves it on wrist and refuses to take it off at all.

Reviewer: Anne H.
Tue Sep 23, 2016:

Reviewer: Ed W.
Thu Sep 11, 2016:

Sun Sep 07, 2016: It’s ok as a spare

Reviewer: Howard F.
Sun Sep 07, 2016: band was really small the product quality is great

Reviewer: Jacqueline B.
Thu Sep 04, 2016: I like that idea of switching the bands.

Reviewer: Kathleen O.
Wed Sep 03, 2016: Love the bracelet. Was confused about the bands. I thought the bands were not included and then I got two sets of bands the same size. Now I have to order a smaller set.

Wed Aug 27, 2016: I like different color bands to mstch different outfits.

Reviewer: Shirley S.
Wed Aug 27, 2016: No pr.oblems.

Wed Aug 27, 2016: Would have preferred the 8.5 bands as they are less constricting.

Reviewer: James K.
Tue Aug 26, 2016: The first bands were to large (XL) and returned. We requested the (L) be sent and they never arrived but that worked out better as we then asked for the (M) and they fit just fine. Thank you for integrity of your company. We don’t see that often.

Reviewer: Steve S.
Tue Aug 12, 2016: Looks good and seems to hold up good.

Reviewer: Chris M.
Thu Aug 07, 2016: ordered the wrong size they quickly shipped the right one

Reviewer: Joanne C.
Thu Aug 07, 2016: Arrived much sooner than promised and I was very happy about that.

Wed Aug 06, 2016: It carries the information clearly and the red shield captures attention.

Fri Aug 01, 2016:

Reviewer: Jim H.
Fri Aug 01, 2016:

Reviewer: Bethany B.
Sat Jul 26, 2016: The bracelet was everything i thought it would be.the dr chnged and added to my diagnosis so it was wonderful to be able to just order the engraved id and not have to order the bands becuz i already have the bands.

Reviewer: Utounya S.
Sat Jul 26, 2016: For something that is a medical must have I think they are over priced. Im a single mom of 3 my 1yr old has a life threatening issue. I need one for myself as well but cost is too much and my 1yr old is more important

Tue Jul 15, 2016: Sizing is a minor problem. To be big enough to go over my husbans’s hand, the flex is a llittle too big on the wrist.

Reviewer: Linda W.
Wed Jul 09, 2016: My daughter really likes the bracelet. She has always worried that she would have seizure somewhere where no one knew her. This has given her confidence again.

Reviewer: Linda H.
Sun Jul 06, 2016: The website information is wonderful. All my contacts have the information from the bracelet and the web site. It would be very helpful if all the EMS personnel were aware of this information. Also if the county Emergency Management service had the information they could pass it to the county EMS service.

Reviewer: Norman S.
Sun Jul 06, 2016:

Reviewer: Nicole D.
Thu Jul 03, 2016: It is perfect for my job as a vet tech and I wash my hands all the time. It is very trendy and doesn’t look like a med bracelet until you look close.

Reviewer: Charles F.
Mon Jun 30, 2016: Nice engraving...great idea to have info digitally available

Reviewer: Brenda J.
Sat Jun 28, 2016: I gave this to my Father, because he is very active and he is comfortable wearing it while he is out and about and doesn’t have to take it off when bathing, or doing water exercises.

Reviewer: Lisa M.
Thu Jun 26, 2016:

Reviewer: Martin V.
Sun Jun 22, 2016:

Reviewer: Karen B.
Thu Jun 05, 2016: It is the identification that will be a good red flag for any health decisions that need to be made in my absence.

Reviewer: Kathleen T.
Thu Jun 05, 2016: The badge is engraved well and can be read easily,, even in a low light area. The colors of the bands are very pretty and are perfect for spring & summer. I was worried that the bands would be uncomfortable in hot weather, but that is not a problem. 5☆★☆★☆ stars for me.

Reviewer: Lloyd P.
Sat May 24, 2016:

Reviewer: Jerome W.
Wed May 14, 2016: Fantastic resource for helping medical professionals to help me. If I am in my home town or another state or even another country, MYIHR is accessible by phone or internet. Brings a lot of peace of mind for me. A 20 one time fee ... so reasonable. Thanks

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