Nylon Sportband

Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full sizeNylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet full size
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon
Nylon Active Sportband Medical ID Bracelet icon

Durable and stylish – this sportband medical ID is perfect for active children, teens, and adults.

  • Offered in a variety of colors and prints
  • Adjustable nylon band available in three wrist sizes
  • Secure center buckle clasp

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Stainless Steel Classic Nylon Sportband Stainless Steel Classic Red Nylon Sportband Stainless Steel Classic Small Nylon Sportband Stainless Steel Classic Red Small Nylon Sportband

Nylon Sportband

  • Adjustable nylon band
  • Clasp-center release buckle
  • Brass rivets attach stainless steel bracelet plate to band
  • Engraving detail instructions provided after making product selection

Number of Reviews: 62,

Reviewer: Liz G.
Wed Oct 17, 2012: cool sportband

Reviewer: S.
Tue Sep 11, 2012: I would like there to be some way to put more information inside the band like there is on a stainless steel bracelet. maybe some sort of tag that is soft, yet allows for information to be printed. also, in the past we have ordered bracelets and the engraving wears off after a year or two. the engraving should be deeper/more pronounced to last longer.

Tue Sep 04, 2012: we’ve purchased these before for our younger son and loved the durability of them. and now need them for our 2nd son. and so happy we found your site again.

Reviewer: Jessica R.
Wed Aug 22, 2012: Loved the fast service.

Reviewer: Marianne M.
Fri Aug 10, 2012: This is a medical alert band that fits the likes and lifestyle for my 11 yr. old son.

Reviewer: Mary Ellen B.
Thu Jun 07, 2012: Vey disappointed in this product. had the PCP # .

Reviewer: Rebecca R.
Tue May 15, 2012: I like the one i purchased. However the one purchased in August of 2011 by my mother was horrible. The lettering has come off. The band did not hold together and the I am really hoping this one does not do the same. These are not cheap bracelets for a single parent. So usually I get 2-3 years out of them. This past year was the first time we went with your company and I am really hoping this bracelet does not disappoint us like the last one. Especially when I called and was told there was no warranty unless I had originally purchased it. I mean heck it was only 8 months old. So we will see with this one.

Reviewer: Holly Jean B.
Thu May 03, 2012: I purchased this, as well as the silicone flex and a stainless steel chain bracelet for my 12-year-old daughter. She has epilepsy, but she enjoys color-coordinating her bracelets to her outfits. This encourages her classmates to ask questions and not be so nervous around her. I wish there were more colors in the stretch and silicone lines

Reviewer: Muhammad C.
Tue Mar 20, 2012: Excellent product but poor service. Mercedes-Benz could have built a custom vehicle faster than product from American Medical ID.

Reviewer: Stefanie L.
Tue Feb 28, 2012: it is nice. it fits my adult wrist. I purchased this to wear when I don’t want to wear the big necklace. like for going to the beach or something like that.

Reviewer: Chris B.
Sat Feb 18, 2012: That was a good choice for me/ a little on the young side but thats ok.

Reviewer: Nancy J.
Sun Feb 05, 2012: THere is no place to put my allergies down, so all my sportband says is allergies not what they are, can you help me?

Reviewer: Casrolyn E.
Sat Jan 21, 2012: When wearing casual clothes I can wear something in my favorite colors that blends right in but yet still identifies me and my medical needs

Reviewer: Mary S.
Thu Jan 19, 2012: for some unknown reason the end of the band was sewn on the outside of the bracelet instead of inside where it belonged so it would not show. engraving was nice but the band looks sloppy.

Reviewer: Arolyn S.
Mon Jan 09, 2012: I was impressed with the quality and how well it looked. I was also impressed with the time to receive - very fast service. I will order again.

Sun Jan 08, 2012: bought one for my father and one for my daughter, both were very happy.

Reviewer: Nicole M.
Wed Nov 30, 2011: I am thrilled with the bracelet I purchased

Reviewer: Missy P.
Mon Nov 14, 2011: very nice & comfortable for my 6 year old daughter.

Reviewer: Michelle C.
Thu Nov 10, 2011: I like it says exactly what I need people to know

Reviewer: Anne K.
Thu Oct 27, 2011: I like it. It is stylish.

Reviewer: Tara R.
Thu Sep 15, 2011: It seems like it is very good quality and for the most part my daughter enjoys wearing it. I am very happy with this product and would purchase from this site again when necessary.

Reviewer: Sarah L.
Thu Sep 08, 2011: I love the clasp and the fit. The engraving is so light and small that it is hard to read. I would prefer an option to have fewer letters and bigger and bolder.

Reviewer: Lynette
Sat Aug 27, 2011: This bracelet is a replacement. I had to add something else to the plate. I now have two of the sportbands and a 14K Figaro Chain Bracelet. The new pink/purple bracelet is my pool bracelet. I have had many people ask me where I got it and I pass on the info for your company. I am very satisfied with all my bracelets. Thank you for a great product that provides a great service.

Sat Aug 27, 2011: well-made and visible.

Reviewer: Jeanne K.
Wed Aug 17, 2011: Consistently good quality and comfortable for daily wear. This is the fourth one that we’ve bought just like it--as they finally start to fade or fray a bit after 1 year of daily wear in and out of swimming pools, we re-order.

Reviewer: Linda M.
Tue Aug 16, 2011: I can now walk/run with confidence knowing that if something should happen my family members will be notified along with my medical history available.

Reviewer: Lisa J.
Sat Apr 09, 2011: I bought this bracelt for my 5 yea old daughter. I love it and she does too It stays on great and looks cute too. I will be buying another one in the future.

Reviewer: Stephanie T.
Tue Apr 05, 2011: we love the band, my question is how to keep it from getting scrached? or make it a bit readable like with color.

Reviewer: Debra S.
Fri Apr 01, 2011: I love my Sportband

Reviewer: Janyce Ann C.
Tue Mar 29, 2011: I love the idea of the band, but the closure is bulky and cumbersome. I am going to try to remove the closure and replace it with velcrow.

Reviewer: Jessica E.
Mon Mar 28, 2011: Good product. Great for kids. 1 problem - the material on the sportband frays. I have to cut frays off all the time. Wish it was machine washable and didn’t fray.

Wed Dec 22, 2010: The hard metal ID tag does not go well with the sport wrist band. The sportband is flexible while the tag is stiff. I purchased this for my elderly parent to ensure she would not lose it but the metal tag proved to be too hard for her wrist.

Reviewer: Linda S.
Mon Dec 13, 2010: Very sporty.

Reviewer: Kristen G.
Sat Dec 11, 2010: customer service has been very responsive. the product meets our needs, is fun enough that my daughter will wear it. Great marketing idea to make them FUN )

Reviewer: Tammy C.
Thu Dec 09, 2010: My daughter (age 8) was very excited to see this sportsband option, so I ordered it for her. When it arrived, the band seemed kind of stiff and irritates her skin, so she does not wear it all the time which defeats the purpose of having it. I should have ordered a metal bracelet instead.

Reviewer: Nan L.
Wed Nov 10, 2010: Love that the SportBand doesn’t bother me in the heat.

Reviewer: Greg M.
Sat Oct 30, 2010: my graand daughter wears it

Reviewer: Celeste W.
Wed Oct 20, 2010: I wear this when I work out at the gym & walk outdoors. Very light weight & comfortable.

Reviewer: Tammi K.
Tue Oct 12, 2010: great. my daughter wears it everyday

Reviewer: Jodi D.
Wed Sep 15, 2010: We love the look of the sportsband. My 4 year old daughter loves having choices on which bracelet to wear. The sportsband, however, has rough edges on the metal plate that have scratched several family members. Also, the band is not easy to adjust and takes quite a while to dry when it gets wet. I think the sportsband will be a better option when she gets a little older. Right now, it is wet all the time because she can’t wash her hands without getting it sopping wet. Because she is an active child, we have to replace her bracelet every 12-18 months because the engraving gets worn off and is unreadable. We LOVE the regular bracelet that we got at the same time as the sportsband. I give it a 5 on the rating scale.

Reviewer: Jen D.
Wed Aug 25, 2010: I like the sportsband, although its scratchy when new. The print on the tag is very small-you’ll need glasses to read it

Reviewer: Traci G.
Fri Aug 20, 2010: Very friendly customer service personnel and the product is wonderful.

Reviewer: Vicki S.
Sun Aug 15, 2010: I was pleased with the bracelets. Thought they looked attractive and stylish. I was pleased with the selection of products. There was alot of choices to fit anyone’s needs.

Reviewer: Dawn N.
Wed Aug 04, 2010:

Reviewer: Renee W.
Tue Jul 06, 2010: I bought two for my son last year and he loves them It makes me feel better knowing that he will wear them

Reviewer: Cynthia S.
Thu Jun 24, 2010: Very Easy to use. I bought the sports band when I want it to stand out, otherwise I use my good bracelet the gives a little more information.

Reviewer: Alexis B.
Mon Jun 07, 2010: Very poor quality relative to the price. The characters per line were insufficient, and the engraving was nearly illegible.

Reviewer: Wendy J.
Mon May 24, 2010: The overall impression I have of the two sport bands that I purchased for my daughtes-I love them. What I am disappointed with about the sport band and my medical brachlet (which is not a sport band) is that I have to order new ones every three years because the printing on the metal alert tags become so light that they are unreadable. I think there should be a way to make the engraving last longer than that. My brachlet is so unreadable that if something was to happen (My daughters and I have a bleeding disorder) that it would be very hard to distinguish it.

Reviewer: Shannon N.
Mon Apr 26, 2010: My daughter prefers to wear it over the nicer stainless steel one

Reviewer: Christi M.
Wed Apr 21, 2010: It portrays the information I asked, but the engraving seems to be very light. I ’m hoping it holds up for many years. I also purchased a dog tag for my service dog, and it is well done.

Reviewer: Vickie T.
Mon Apr 19, 2010:

Reviewer: Madeleine M.
Wed Apr 14, 2010: I like this product a lot for casual wear. I also bought a formal necklace and it is very small, I thought I had ordered a longer chain -- this one is so short as to be uncomfortable, and the tag on the necklace is much smaller than I expected.

Reviewer: Vickie T.
Sat Apr 10, 2010:

Reviewer: Liz T.
Thu Apr 01, 2010: I bought the nylon bracelet with purple & blue flowers. I like how the engraving is subtle. I was worried people would see my name and medical condition all the time. I wish the plastic buckle/clicker were smaller, but it is very secure.

Reviewer: Marti D.
Wed Mar 31, 2010: I love it I actually bought purple, teal/black and a red one I can swim with it on, match them to my outfits and the price is great especially when you are able to get a 2nd and 3rd for 1/2 off Thank you Thank you Thank you

Reviewer: Daphne S.
Thu Mar 25, 2010: I really appreciate the comfort and ease the sportband offers. The stainless steel bracelet I had before somehow slipped off my wrist one day and I did not notice until the end of the day that it was missing. I wil not have that issue with this sportband. Thank you and God Bless. Daphne Selph

Reviewer: Wendy K.
Tue Mar 23, 2010: I really like it so far. I also got a basic stainless bracelet at 1/2price on special with the Sportband, which I am wearing for everyday. So I ’m pleased with the products, though I had a little trouble with the online order process. But ... it all worked out And the stuff got here much sooner than I expected, which was nice. Thanks

Reviewer: Andrea G.
Tue Mar 23, 2010: The actual item is ok. It looks like it was chemical etched. I thought it would be engraved. I didn ’t like the fact you charged extra to have my item made in a timely manner. And your outragous extra cost to have it mailed first class mail.

Reviewer: Colleen T.
Fri Mar 05, 2010: I would have liked the engraving to be more noticeable. It appears to be very light and you really need to take a very close look in order to see what it says.

Sat Jan 30, 2010: Really good quality. Provides level of privacy because not easy to read band from distance, but easy for emergency care givers to be alerted. Fashionable and wearable, especially for kids - got mine for my daughter (nylon)

Reviewer: Carmen R.
Wed Jan 27, 2010: i really like the simplicity of the id bracelet and all the information i was able to put on them

Reviewer: Linda M.
Fri Jan 22, 2010: I like the style of the sportband. It ’s not the usual chain. Another friend was also impressed with the sportband and asked me to give her the information about.

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