Silicone Flex - Original 9 Band Pack

Silicone Flex Original Bundle Pack full size
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  • Interchangeable, silicone bands available in four wrist sizes in a selection of 9 band colours
  • Add to any Flex bracelet
  • Small, Medium, Large and X-Large (see Product Specs below for size in cm)
  • Medical emblem embossed on silicone band
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Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Stainless Steel Small Silicone Flex Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Outline Stainless Steel Small Silicone Flex Red Outline Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex Red Stainless Steel Small Silicone Flex Red Sterling Silver Silicone Flex Onyx Large Silicone Flex Onyx Small Silicone Flex Rose Gold Large Silicone Flex Rose Gold Small Silicone Flex Silicone Flex Original Bundle Pack Silicone Flex Earth Tone Bundle Pack Silicone Flex Mighty Bundle Pack Silicone Flex Sparkle Bundle Pack Silicone Flex Coastal Bundle Pack

Silicone Flex - Original 9 Band Pack

  • Stretch silicone band, non adjustable
  • When used with small Flex plate, available sizes: S (16 cm), M (17.5 cm), L (19 cm) and XL (22 cm)
  • When used with large Flex plate, available sizes: S (16.5 cm), M (18.5 cm), L (20 cm) and XL (23 cm)
  • Silicone band 14 mm width
  • 9 pack bundle does not include engraved medical ID

Number of Reviews: 234,

Reviewer: Royale C.
Mon Feb 03, 2016: The Silicone Flex bands are very durable, comfortable and easy to change out. I love the way the I.D. bracelet is able to speak for my child in case of an EMG if they can not. The school is aware they have their bracelets so there’s no question of what to look for. I love the Silicone Flex Bands

Reviewer: Ricardo R.
Wed Jan 29, 2016:

Reviewer: Daniel V.
Wed Jan 29, 2016:

Reviewer: Laurie M.
Thu Jan 23, 2016: Love it It is easy and versatile. My son can choose the color he wants.

Mon Jan 20, 2016:

Reviewer: Laura M.
Fri Jan 17, 2016: Our son loves having the option each day of choosing his color of band. This helps to give him the feeling of having some control over his medial condition. Love the silicone flex multi-pack.

Reviewer: Pamela J.
Tue Jan 14, 2016: Very fashionable I should have done this 18 years ago

Reviewer: Teresa H.
Thu Jan 09, 2016: Again, variety of colors. I’d like to see even more More subtle. Teal, Deep purple, burnt orange. I have a smaller wrist and like a tighter fit that doesn’t flop all over the place.

Reviewer: Janet B.
Wed Jan 08, 2016: Just what we were looking for at the right price with quick shipping

Reviewer: Heidi P.
Wed Jan 08, 2016: It’s easy to change colors and is fairly comfortable to wear.

Reviewer: Gina D.
Wed Jan 08, 2016: If you get the correct size, it is great. Thank you so much for sending me a new size for my son, at no cost to me, since I purchased the incorrect size. It has made all the difference in him wanting to wear it, and be safe. Thank you so much for such great customer service

Reviewer: Michael T.
Tue Dec 31, 2015:

Reviewer: Debbie C.
Sun Dec 22, 2015: I like the option of changing colors.

Reviewer: Donna B.
Sat Dec 21, 2015: Nice to be able to change bands and not have to purchase whole new med id.

Reviewer: Shirley C.
Fri Dec 20, 2015: exactly as I expected it to be

Reviewer: Gina D.
Tue Dec 17, 2015: I think it is fine, but I should have gotten a larger size, because it is bothering my son’s arm.

Reviewer: Claudia M.
Wed Dec 11, 2015: The silicone is functional. I thought the symbol would be highlighted in red.

Reviewer: Myrna S.
Mon Dec 09, 2015: All the colors that I will need to interchange my medical ID bracelet.

Reviewer: Audrey B.
Wed Dec 04, 2015: works well as my daughter is allergic to metals

Wed Dec 04, 2015: Interesting variety, but the black band is the only one I’ll use.

Wed Nov 27, 2015:

Reviewer: Gayle D.
Mon Nov 11, 2015: I love the silicone bands. They are comfortable and very easy to change to another color I will purchase more when or if these wear out

Reviewer: Florence K.
Fri Nov 08, 2015: It is easy to wear. I can change color to match any outfit that I wear for that day.

Wed Nov 06, 2015:

Reviewer: Betty H.

Reviewer: Amy S.
Sat Nov 02, 2015:

Reviewer: Cristian V.
Fri Oct 25, 2015: Too small

Reviewer: Kathleen A.
Mon Oct 21, 2015: I love these silicone flex bands. Easy on and off, great colors and very comfortable

Reviewer: Susan C.
Thu Oct 17, 2015: I was confused about what I ordered I thought it was a med id braclet. I didnt relize I needed to order a plate to have put in place and have it ingraved for my husband and daughter witch I will. Thank You

Reviewer: Kathleen O.
Thu Oct 17, 2015: Is fine. Very colorful choices.

Reviewer: Patty E.
Sat Oct 12, 2015:

Reviewer: Michelle H.
Mon Oct 07, 2015: Fun item

Fri Oct 04, 2015:

Reviewer: Pamela P.
Thu Oct 03, 2015: These are fine.

Sun Sep 29, 2015:

Sun Sep 29, 2015:

Reviewer: Christina B.
Sat Sep 28, 2015: she changes here band with what she is wearing so therefore she wears it all the time, I have had trouble with her wearing her alerts

Reviewer: Thomas G.
Sat Sep 28, 2015:

Reviewer: Cindi E.
Sat Sep 28, 2015:

Reviewer: Loretta G.
Fri Sep 27, 2015: Easy to put on a new band when you want to change colors. Like them band’s the first time I changed to another color.

Reviewer: Patt C.
Thu Sep 26, 2015: I purchased the I’d band for my dad. He has gotten to a point in his life that he can’t remember his phone number, house address he knows the city but not the address. They are lightweight and easy for my mom to deal with. She has to do everything for him so one less thing to deal with. He is really proud of his colorful band. What a great idea Thank you for your easy ordering and processing.

Reviewer: Dorothy C.
Tue Sep 24, 2015: love the colors, the bands interchange easily

Tue Sep 24, 2015: Like the different bands allows me to change up depending on what I am wearing.

Reviewer: Taylor A.
Sun Sep 22, 2015: Love that I can easily change bands to match shirts. Need to buy another i.d. for the rest of my medical info as it would not all fit on one but I highly recommend this to anyone..especially teens who want to match

Reviewer: Danielle M.
Sun Sep 22, 2015: Very happy with it, my daughter loves the colors.

Reviewer: Danielle M.
Sun Sep 22, 2015: I ordered the medium size for no and the large for the future because she loves this style so much.

Reviewer: Amanda D.
Sun Sep 22, 2015: My son loves matching the bands to what he is wearing for the day.

Reviewer: Mary C.
Sun Sep 08, 2015: I liked the products

Reviewer: Bridgitte H.
Tue Sep 03, 2015: great colors

Reviewer: Peggy O.
Fri Aug 30, 2015: I have not used any of these extra bands yet, but they seem to be of the same high quality as the black band that I chose for the original bracelet.

Reviewer: Chris K.
Thu Aug 15, 2015: like the colors

Reviewer: Alyssa H.
Sat Aug 10, 2015:

Reviewer: Angelina R.
Sat Aug 10, 2015:

Reviewer: Shirley G.
Fri Aug 09, 2015: good. easy to change but as above.. causes my wrist to really sweat under the bracelet part.

Fri Aug 09, 2015: Very comfortable I purchased size medium before and they were too tight.

Wed Aug 07, 2015: Great product. Love how it can slip onto the ID so you don’t have to slide it over your hand to put on. It fits me just the way I like. Love this product

Reviewer: Rachel J.
Wed Aug 07, 2015: Great bracelet,

Tue Aug 06, 2015:

Reviewer: Monica P.
Sat Aug 03, 2015: My daughter will where them cause you can change color

Fri Aug 02, 2015:

Reviewer: Mary Q.
Fri Aug 02, 2015:

Reviewer: Ronald G.
Sat Jul 27, 2015:

Reviewer: Jennifer D.
Sat Jul 27, 2015:

Fri Jul 26, 2015: I wish they said diabetic on them.

Thu Jul 25, 2015:

Reviewer: Erica K.
Sun Jul 21, 2015: I really do like the bands

Reviewer: Elizabeth L.
Sat Jul 20, 2015: It’s wonderful for children , it’s comfortable to wear with sports of all kinds.

Reviewer: Amanda S.
Sat Jul 20, 2015: We’ve purchased the large, then medium, now small of the silicone bands; of course it would’ve been nice to only buy one but it is what it is....the mediums would go over his hand but were so loose around his wrist that he actually caught one on something & ripped the band in two. We liked that he could change them himself, but now that we’ve had to go to the smalls, it’s no longer possible. It would be nice if they stretched a little more to fit over the hand but remain snug on the wrist.

Reviewer: Rob
Fri Jul 19, 2015: Very flexible, easy to put on & off. Nice color selection.

Tue Jul 16, 2015:

Reviewer: Alec T.
Wed Jul 10, 2015: I gift for my grand daughter and she loved them

Reviewer: Betty H.
Wed Jul 10, 2015: I appreciate having so many different colors so I change them often to compliment my outfits.

Reviewer: Jennifer D.
Mon Jul 08, 2015:

Reviewer: Gwen R.
Sun Jul 07, 2015: Its versitile & i can get it wet & remove easily.

Reviewer: Susan F.
Sat Jul 06, 2015: Love being able to change the bands to match my clothing. Nobody has any idea it’s a medical id bracelet. Kinda hard stretching over my hand to put on, but stays nicely at my wrist and not riding up and down my arm (I’m really skinny).

Reviewer: Jim G.
Fri Jul 05, 2015: There should be. A better variety of colors that a customer could select their own color combination..

Reviewer: Gladie K.
Wed Jul 03, 2015: I like them

Reviewer: Deana
Mon Jul 01, 2015: Great colors. Easy to change bands.

Reviewer: Teresa D.
Mon Jul 01, 2015: Neat idea

Reviewer: Nancy R.
Mon Jul 01, 2015:

Reviewer: Robert S.
Sat Jun 29, 2015: durable and he really likes all the different colors.

Reviewer: Kimberly S.
Wed Jun 26, 2015: I am thrilled with these bands. My son is very small and we haven’t been able to find a band that fits and is comfortable.

Reviewer: Danielle W.
Sat Jun 15, 2015: It is good quality with many choices.

Reviewer: Amber H.
Fri Jun 14, 2015:

Reviewer: Jim T.
Thu Jun 13, 2015: The product was as described.

Reviewer: Gretel T.
Fri Jun 07, 2015: They are nice but I ordered the wrong ones for then ID that I have. I guess it’s not worth sending something that cost me 5 back. Thinking about ordering the ID that does go with them or they will go to waste.

Reviewer: Kristine D.
Fri May 31, 2015: I need to order smaller size for her wrist.

Reviewer: Kara E.
Fri May 31, 2015: Excellent. My son loves the option to change his band color. These fit much better than the band I ordered.

Tue May 28, 2015:

Reviewer: Leslie B.
Fri May 24, 2015: Great

Reviewer: Michael S.
Tue May 21, 2015: Very easy to connect and change bands with the ID. I made a mistake and ordered large flex bands but ordered a medium band with the ID. The Representative on the phone was very kind, understanding and exchanged bands at no cost. Can you revise your order entry system to question a customer if the size they selected is correct for the additional bands?

Tue May 21, 2015: I love the colors, they match my clothes.

Mon May 20, 2015:

Reviewer: Dawn A.
Wed May 15, 2015: The ability for a child to change the color of the band is wonderful. They are easy to change.

Reviewer: Sonya M.
Fri May 10, 2015:

Reviewer: Colleen W.
Thu May 09, 2015: Although I think the product is good, ordering the correct size is difficult-I tried to find my original order to order the same size, but was unable to access that information. Long story short-I ORDERED THE WRONG SIZE THIS TIME. THESE BANDS ARE TOO SMALL AND THEY CUT OFF MY CIRCULATION. I CAN’T WEAR THEM -(

Reviewer: Mark W.
Tue May 07, 2015: I had to try 3 sizes to find the one that fits me = M.

Reviewer: J O.
Sat May 04, 2015: I like the bands, not crazy about the lime green, would have preferred a different color greejn

Fri May 03, 2015:

Fri May 03, 2015: I purchased the silicon bracelets for my daughter. She loves being able to change out the bracelets to match what she is wearing. I appreciate the fact that they come in so many sizes.

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