Mens Stainless Steel Expansion Wristband

Mens Stainless Steel Med Alert Expansion Wristband full sizeMens Stainless Steel Med Alert Expansion Wristband full sizeMens Stainless Steel Med Alert Expansion Wristband full sizeMens Stainless Steel Med Alert Expansion Wristband full size
Mens Stainless Steel Med Alert Expansion Wristband icon
Mens Stainless Steel Med Alert Expansion Wristband icon
Mens Stainless Steel Med Alert Expansion Wristband icon
Mens Stainless Steel Med Alert Expansion Wristband icon

  • Engrave the front with your most important medical information
  • Write detailed personal information on the waterproof medical sheet inside the bracelet
  • Available in polished stainless steel or gold tone
  • Available in Men's 20-cm or Women's 18-cm size (expandable but non-adjustable)


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Womens Stainless Steel Expansion Wristband Mens Stainless Steel Expansion Wristband Womens Gold Tone Expansion Wristband Mens Gold Tone Expansion Wristband

Mens Stainless Steel Expansion Wristband

  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Includes water-proof medical sheet inside bracelet
  • Weight is 22 grams
  • Engraving on front side
  • Four lines of engraving available
  • 20cm circumference x 1cm width
  • Bands are not adjustable

  • Number of Reviews: 605,

    Reviewer: Cheryl S.
    Thu Oct 01, 2017: Good quality product

    Sat Sep 26, 2017: It is easy to slip on and off and also has the lift up Compartment to put in medical information.

    Reviewer: John C.
    Wed Sep 23, 2017: The bracelet was smaller than I thought it would be but I like the bracelet

    Reviewer: Charles
    Wed Sep 23, 2017:

    Thu Sep 17, 2017: Would like engraving to be more large and clear.

    Mon Sep 14, 2017: very happy. I did request an extention which I received but with no instructions.

    Sat Sep 12, 2017:

    Reviewer: William M.
    Fri Sep 11, 2017: I love it. Better than I expected.

    Reviewer: Penny C.
    Fri Sep 11, 2017: Product as expected. No complaints

    Reviewer: Jamie U.
    Fri Sep 11, 2017: very well made and sturdy

    Reviewer: Shirlee E.
    Tue Sep 08, 2017: I am pleased with the silver ID bracelet I received. I had ordered the gold, but it was an unsightly color.

    Reviewer: Michael B.
    Sat Sep 05, 2017: A bib on the female side (due to the narrowness of the band). Otherwise it fits good, and one can easily put it on or take it off

    Reviewer: Charlotte A.
    Fri Aug 28, 2017: My dad loves it. He has Alzheimer’s so happy he will wear it

    Reviewer: Robert C.
    Fri Aug 28, 2017: Appears to be good quality for the price.

    Sat Aug 22, 2017: I like this bracelet much better than other 2 link-style as it stays in place on my wrist and lessens the chance for scratches which was a problem on other bracelets.

    Reviewer: Thomas C.
    Sat Aug 22, 2017: lOOKS NICE. FITS GOOD.

    Wed Aug 19, 2017:

    Reviewer: Carrie M.
    Sat Aug 15, 2017: We really liked the braclet and we’re really happy with it except that it pulls the hair on my husbands wrist

    Reviewer: Audrey R.
    Thu Aug 13, 2017:

    Reviewer: Douglas E.
    Wed Aug 12, 2017:

    Reviewer: Bruce G.
    Sun Aug 09, 2017: Having a pacemaker implanted last September I needed a medical bracelet and the one I ordered from your company is exactly what I was looking for.

    Reviewer: Bruce G.
    Sun Aug 09, 2017: I had a pacemaker implanted almost one year ago and I needed a medical alert bracelet stating such. Your product is exactly what I needed.

    Reviewer: Ruth H.
    Fri Aug 07, 2017: The expansion band is very comfortable and pleasant to look at. It looks like a piece of jewelry. I appreciate the interior that allows you to list illnesses and medications.

    Reviewer: Karen S.
    Fri Aug 07, 2017:

    Reviewer: Larry F.
    Fri Aug 07, 2017: I like the idea of having the list in the item but my med list is so long it will not fit.

    Tue Aug 04, 2017: this is my second medical alert bracelet &I am very pleased with this one. less likely to fall off , easy to put off & on . & easier to read. it was a wise purchase. Eileen

    Reviewer: Jan G.
    Fri Jul 31, 2017: There needs to be more room for the patient’s name and phone number and the ICE contact. I think all medic alerts should have room on the back of the bracelet for the extra info.

    Reviewer: Scott M.
    Fri Jul 31, 2017: very nice but engraving very hard to see

    Reviewer: Nancy E.
    Fri Jul 31, 2017: Great good looking bracelet. Too small though. Called nice guy at customer service and he is sending more links for free 😃

    Thu Jul 30, 2017: The bracelet I ordered was of good quality. It helps ensure my dad’s medical information is available in the event he is unable to communicate it directly.

    Reviewer: Donna P.
    Thu Jul 30, 2017: This expansion wrist band is absolutely great quality. It looks very handsome on my husbands wrist. The engraving was easy to read. He is very happy with it.

    Reviewer: Sonja F.
    Thu Jul 30, 2017: Very comfortable. And handy when I am out and about.

    Reviewer: Linda G.
    Wed Jul 29, 2017: I like the bracelet however the writing is too small. The paper enclosed for important information that slips into the top did not allow the bracelet to close completely. I had to remove it which defeats the purpose.

    Wed Jul 29, 2017: Much more user friendly than one with links and clasps. I do wish the engraving was just a bit deeper. Thank you to your customer service people for being so great about the problem I had with the wristband pin. -)

    Reviewer: Estelle L.
    Wed Jul 29, 2017: Looks like a nice piece of jewelry and my husband was very pleased with my choice

    Thu Jul 23, 2017: This bracelet is easier for my mom to wear because it does not have to be hooked, she can just slip it on

    Reviewer: Leann K.
    Tue Jul 21, 2017: very nice - appears to be good quality.

    Reviewer: Sheri W.
    Sun Jul 19, 2017: Great quality and fit.

    Sat Jul 18, 2017: The expansion wristband is of high quality, easy to wear, and the engraving looks professional and is attractive.

    Reviewer: Irene B.
    Sat Jul 11, 2017: The emblem could have been solid red so it could be more noticeable otherwise I like it very much.

    Reviewer: Darrell O.
    Fri Jul 10, 2017: well i think you cold have faster shipping then what you do

    Reviewer: Mary M.
    Sat Jul 04, 2017: very happy with my bracelet

    Reviewer: Molly H.
    Sat Jul 04, 2017: It’s fine. My husband seems happy with it.

    Reviewer: David F.
    Fri Jul 03, 2017: The item is a snug fit on my wrist, the outside diameter is 8 ,as discribed. An inside measurement would have been more satisfactory. I’m hoping the bracelet will loosen over time.

    Thu Jul 02, 2017: Easy to put on and take off.

    Wed Jul 01, 2017: Thanks showed to family and you may have others ordering wristbands

    Reviewer: Margaret L.
    Mon Jun 29, 2017: Very nice and comfortable. They do get scratched after a while though.

    Sun Jun 28, 2017: I runs a little tight, even the largest size. It looks really good though.

    Reviewer: Martha M.
    Wed Jun 24, 2017:

    Tue Jun 23, 2017: Well pleased.

    Reviewer: Raymond L.
    Tue Jun 23, 2017: Well made and comfortable to wear

    Reviewer: Robert M.

    Reviewer: Debbie H.
    Sun Jun 21, 2017: Very good quality but ingraving a little difficult to see

    Fri Jun 19, 2017: I was very pleased with my purchase.

    Mon Jun 08, 2017: Very pleased. Wish engraving was deeper quality. Received sooner than expected. Overall i am very satisfied. Thank you so much.

    Reviewer: Terry L.
    Fri Jun 05, 2017: It’s a beautiful wristband. The engraving is superb. It was a little tight so the local jeweler added 2 lengths.

    Reviewer: Sandy M.
    Fri May 29, 2017: Really well made and should out last me

    Reviewer: Juan P.
    Thu May 28, 2017: Stylish and beautiful to wear. (The expansion wrist band was a bit too small, how do I go about extending it or exchanging it?)

    Reviewer: Wendy J.
    Wed May 27, 2017: Far Far better than another brand from another company -- that band snapped the first week.

    Reviewer: Arvin B.
    Mon May 25, 2017: Inside paper data sheet difficult to refold and get bracelet lid to close. Had to trim off excess.

    Reviewer: Corinna N.
    Sat May 23, 2017: Product appears well made, does not slide around too much.

    Reviewer: Michael B.
    Sat May 23, 2017: good quality, just like I ordered.

    Reviewer: Ken A.
    Sat May 23, 2017: Nice looking , simple .

    Reviewer: Pamela B.
    Fri May 22, 2017: You can hardly make out the engraving on the bracelet. The engraving and medical alert symbol should be darker.

    Reviewer: Daniel C.
    Wed May 20, 2017:

    Tue May 19, 2017:

    Reviewer: Domenic M.
    Tue May 19, 2017: When I got the bracelet in the mail and opened the package I was blown away. The bracelet that I ordered was perfect in every way. The quality of the item and engraving was exceptional. This is a jeweler quality item. Very pleased.

    Sun May 17, 2017: It’s attractive, well made and suits the purpose.

    Reviewer: Michael R.
    Wed May 13, 2017:

    Reviewer: Michael R.
    Wed May 13, 2017:

    Reviewer: Eunice W.
    Sun May 10, 2017:

    Reviewer: Georgie R.
    Sat May 09, 2017: my husband tends to remove it too easily

    Reviewer: Troy W.
    Sat May 09, 2017: Looks like a very nice bracelet instead of something medical.

    Reviewer: Lillian M.
    Wed May 06, 2017: Nice product and looks nice on the wrist.

    Reviewer: Ida M.
    Sat May 02, 2017: great fit

    Reviewer: Kelley K.
    Fri May 01, 2017: The bracelet is nice and petite. I love it

    Reviewer: Ralph T.
    Fri May 01, 2017: It looks good and has the necessary information. The band is a little snug for my larger wrist.

    Fri May 01, 2017:

    Thu Apr 30, 2017: Fits well. At first I thought the engraving was too light,but it is readable.

    Reviewer: Mira M.
    Wed Apr 29, 2017: The vital info is easy to read on the engraved plate. The bracelet is easy on/off for rushed mornings. It is a functional tool which is enhanced to appear as a nice fashion accessory. I am pleased beyond my expectations with my medical ID bracelet.

    Reviewer: Alixe Y.
    Tue Apr 21, 2017: Just what I needed - had one before and lost it somehow the online chat person was very helpful

    Reviewer: Alex
    Mon Apr 20, 2017: It is very useful

    Sat Apr 18, 2017: It is beautiful It looks like a nice piece of jewelry.

    Reviewer: Beverly B.
    Fri Apr 17, 2017: First, it looks like a regular piece of jewellery. Second, since I have arthritis, the expansion band is wonderful because it just slips on

    Reviewer: Nina D.
    Wed Apr 15, 2017: The bracelet has a nice appearance and was engraved properly. It is large for my wrist

    Reviewer: Tim M.
    Wed Apr 15, 2017: I think the product is well put together and exactly what I was expecting. I see it being available as I would expect if necessary.

    Reviewer: Cameron S.
    Thu Apr 09, 2017: This is far superior to the first ID Bracelet I ordered from you. It has room for all the info that I wanted engraved, it is comfortable, and it is a very attractive wrist band.

    Reviewer: Joyce F.
    Thu Apr 09, 2017:

    Reviewer: Maria Borrero
    Thu Apr 09, 2017:

    Reviewer: Mary M.
    Mon Apr 06, 2017: Bracelet looks good but space small where reason for bracelet is engraved. Good quality

    Reviewer: Loretta J.
    Wed Apr 01, 2017: I like it very much It is very comfortable to wear. It does not tarnish in the pool

    Reviewer: Debra D.
    Wed Apr 01, 2017: Very attractive. A little small for a man’s wrist.

    Reviewer: Loretta B.
    Wed Mar 25, 2017: Nice quality bracelet at a good price.

    Reviewer: Dick C.
    Fri Mar 20, 2017: Just what I Wanted

    Reviewer: Yvonne D.

    Reviewer: Joan W.
    Wed Mar 04, 2017: The expansion wristband was just what my husband needed. It is light and he wears it everyday.

    Mon Feb 23, 2017: I love the ease of slipping the bracelet on and off as opposed to struggling with a clasp when I’m in a rush, but the ID part of the bracelet digs into my wrist a bit so it’s not always comfortable.

    Reviewer: Marilyn T.
    Tue Feb 17, 2017: disappointed could not get all information on front of bracelet and could not adjust the band was a little big on the wrist. Look wise was great.

    Tue Feb 10, 2017:

    Sat Feb 07, 2017: The wristband is very well made.Just what I was looking for.

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