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Don’t sacrifice style for safety - channel your inner James Bond with our cleverly designed Stainless Steel Lynx USB bracelet.

  • Engrave your most important medical details on the surface of the Lynx USB bracelet
  • Enter and store the rest of your medical information on the 2GB USB flash drive portable personal health file
  • Password protected, pre-loaded forms are included - simple to set up and update
  • Personalised engraving for only £4.50
  • Compatible with Windows® 2000/ Vista/ XP/ 7, and Mac OS X 10.5.6


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Stainless Steel Lynx USB

  • Weight: 61 grams
  • Available Size: 22 cm
  • Bracelet length can be sized down by a jeweller or watch shop
  • Simply turn medical insignia counter clockwise to reveal 2GB USB
  • USB is not waterproof
  • Foldover clasp
  • Compatible with Windows® 2000/ Vista/ XP/ 7, and Mac OS X 10.5.6

  • Number of Reviews: 35,

    Mon Sep 14, 2017: The bracelet fit perfectly. The engraving was correct. Very attractive.

    Reviewer: Donald C.
    Sun Aug 23, 2017:

    Reviewer: Shirene S.
    Fri Aug 14, 2017: Perfect My Dr.’s are liking as well. Thank you very much

    Reviewer: Don E.
    Thu Jul 16, 2017:

    Reviewer: Wendy R.
    Mon Jun 01, 2017: Highly recommend this product, high quality bracelet which looks stylish and most importantly has the USB function for allowing your medical information to be easily accessed and/or updated.

    Reviewer: Charles E.
    Thu May 28, 2017: a well crafted product brought this bracelet for my uncle

    Reviewer: Peter H.
    Thu May 28, 2017: It was all I expected and enjoy it very much.

    Reviewer: Laura H.
    Sun May 10, 2017: The product is great, although I’m having problems with the latch. It takes me a long time each morning to get the bracelet on.

    Reviewer: Mike B.
    Sat Dec 20, 2016: seems to be well made, good quality

    Thu Dec 18, 2016:

    Reviewer: Gary Z.
    Tue Nov 18, 2016: Great But would like to be able more information space.

    Thu Oct 23, 2016: Outstanding quality

    Fri Oct 10, 2016:

    Reviewer: Jerry L.
    Tue Oct 07, 2016: I am very pleased with the quality of this bracelet.

    Wed Sep 03, 2016:

    Reviewer: Ian M.
    Tue Aug 26, 2016: Excellent quality far better than Medic Alert

    Reviewer: Becky S.
    Fri Jul 04, 2016: The width of the band is comparable in size to a ladies watch band. However, it may need to have a few links removed inorder to get a better fit. When USB was inserted into computer the program loaded right up and all information was easy to complete. Only suggestion I might have woukd be to allow engraving to also be done on the front of the bracelet. But,I would recommend this bracelet.

    Reviewer: Donna R.
    Sat Jun 28, 2016: Looks good. I would prefer an expanig band so I could tske it on and off easily when swimi g.IT WOULD GREAT IF IT WAS WATER PROFF. I would buy one immediately.

    Reviewer: Warren P.
    Fri Jun 27, 2016: This is an extremely useful product.

    Reviewer: Donna R.
    Thu Jun 26, 2016: Looks good. I would prefer an expanig band so I could tske it on and off easily when swimi g.IT WOULD GREAT IF IT WAS WATER PROFF. I would buy one immediately.

    Reviewer: Jeff F.
    Wed Jun 25, 2016: It’s a great product, especially with the USB data chip.

    Reviewer: Giovanni L.
    Wed Jun 25, 2016: You should print USB, turn and an arrow pointing to the direction to turn the Star of Life. There’s nothing that I saw in the instructions or web page about it. An unknowingly EMT/paramedic/Dr will not be aware either. Also allow custom printing of patient’s name on the front. More Drs. & meds space is needed in the USB.

    Reviewer: Glinda L.
    Wed May 07, 2016: I really love this bracelet. Then only drawback is that I bought it for myself and being female it was too big and I had to take it to a jewelry store to get some links taken out. So would be nice to have had it in a smaller womens size. Just a thought....

    Reviewer: Lori J.
    Wed May 07, 2016: very easy to transfer docments to - bit long (had to take a few links out, but other than that, it’s great. Had a paramedic who saw it and asked about it - as well as my doctor and they loved it.

    Reviewer: Mark K.
    Wed Apr 30, 2016: Great, easy on, easy off, stores information . Looks good

    Reviewer: John R.
    Sun Apr 13, 2016: I like it, the USB storage unit could stay in the unit more securely, seems the engraving might be beneficial on the front of the bracelet, don’t have to take it off to read it... somewhat challenging to size the bracelet

    Reviewer: Donald L.
    Tue Mar 11, 2016: Overall excellent design and construction. USB should be placed in an enclosed area to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture, swing out feature hard to plug into some USB ports. I run Windows-7 and would not recognize USB chip. Had to search web to fine compatible driver.

    Reviewer: Daryl T.
    Tue Feb 25, 2016:

    Reviewer: Danny Y.
    Tue Feb 18, 2016: Very well made and looks good. USB works great and my Doctors think it is the best idea yet. Thanks for a great ID.

    Reviewer: Mike M.
    Wed Feb 12, 2016: Nice looking piece of jewelery, something that as a young guy I will actually wear and not mind it.

    Tue Jan 28, 2016: The band was significantly less comfortable than I expected.

    Reviewer: Kermit P.
    Thu Sep 26, 2015: It is just what I was looking for. With the flash drive I always have my medical history with me.

    Reviewer: Lawrence T.
    Thu Sep 26, 2015: Well made and quality appearence

    Reviewer: Katie L.
    Fri Sep 13, 2015:

    Reviewer: Gene N.
    Sat Aug 24, 2015: this is a very good bracelet.

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