Lynx Trilogy

Lynx Trilogy Medical ID Bracelet full sizeLynx Trilogy Medical ID Bracelet full sizeLynx Trilogy Medical ID Bracelet full sizeLynx Trilogy Medical ID Bracelet full size
Lynx Trilogy Medical ID Bracelet icon
Lynx Trilogy Medical ID Bracelet icon
Lynx Trilogy Medical ID Bracelet icon
Lynx Trilogy Medical ID Bracelet icon

Able and enduring, the Lynx collection provides great looking security for every day wear.

  • Stylish, durable stainless steel

Available with the MyIHR upgrade personal Interactive Health Record. Keep conditions, medications, insurance and other important information updated and organised. Emergency access with PIN engraved on medical ID.
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Lynx Trilogy

  • Weight: 54.1 grams
  • Available Sizes: 20 cm and 22 cm
  • Bracelet lengths are not adjustable
  • Bracelet dimensions approximately 21.5 cm by 1.3 cm
  • Polished Major Link
  • Foldover clasp

  • Number of Reviews: 160,

    Reviewer: Ronald S.
    Thu Aug 27, 2017: I really like the bracelet. It looks very nice.The engraving is not easily readable for someone who might not be trained to look for the information.

    Reviewer: Bert Z.
    Thu Aug 20, 2017:

    Reviewer: Chris U.
    Sun Aug 09, 2017: Top quality material and craftsmanship. Good packaging and quick shipping.

    Reviewer: Ann Marie R.
    Fri Jun 19, 2017: It is a beautiful item. It was not my first choice, however. The item is very masculine but the edges of the links are sharp.

    Reviewer: J G.
    Wed Jun 03, 2017: I like the bracelet. I thought the engraving would stand out a bit more.

    Sat May 23, 2017:

    Reviewer: John D.
    Sat May 09, 2017: A nice looking bracelet that wears comfortable. So far, it seems to not scratch easily, wish like because it is something that I wear everyday.

    Reviewer: Doug S.
    Wed Apr 15, 2017: Very well made product, Fits perfectly.

    Reviewer: Carol P.
    Fri Mar 27, 2017: Pinches arm hair. Attractive, easy to read. Like the wide band. For husband as a gift.

    Reviewer: Traci D.

    Reviewer: Mark J.
    Thu Mar 05, 2017: Love the product but wish it came in a smaller size.

    Reviewer: Andrew M.
    Fri Feb 27, 2017: I know due to the length of the links that it is not available in 8.25 inch, but since it is a nice looking bracelet for a man. I have to either live with it too big or too short. Maybe the bracelet could incorporate several half length links for adjustment.

    Reviewer: Deb H.
    Thu Feb 12, 2017: The bracelet is very well made, and very sturdy, it will hold up to a lot of accidental abuse. I bought it for my brother and he really liked it.

    Wed Feb 04, 2017: Replacement for lost bracelet. Great quality.

    Reviewer: Hal F.
    Sat Jan 31, 2017: I love the bracelet. I would have liked the engraving to have been filled for better visability.

    Reviewer: Ricky O.
    Wed Jan 21, 2017:

    Reviewer: Sharon G.
    Mon Dec 08, 2016: While functional it is a bit bulky for a female, however was one of the only bracelets that I could get enough info on.

    Reviewer: David C.
    Tue Dec 02, 2016: Very handsome and sturdy. Arrived quicker than expected. Engraving is good but could be darker.. Very pleased with purchase and price.

    Reviewer: Gail R.
    Sun Nov 16, 2016: It is attractive enough to pass for a regular bracelet for my husband. we found we had ordered it too large but our local jeweler took out a link and it’s fine. he wears it 24/7 and it has no problems. my only suggestion would be to make the printing darker, it’s hard to see what it says unless you look closely. service and product were excellent and we would definitely recommend it

    Reviewer: Ron K.
    Thu Nov 13, 2016: You only offer this bracelet in two sizes so I selected the smaller size which was still too large for my wrist so I had to pay a jeweler to reduce the size to fit my wrist. He had a difficult time doing so.

    Thu Oct 23, 2016: I am very pleased with the bracelet and the engraving. It is different from the traditional bracelet and very masculine.

    Reviewer: .
    Sat Oct 11, 2016: It is to big. Went to a jewelry to have them take a link out and were told they couldn’t take the pins out. So how do we address this issue?

    Mon Oct 06, 2016: was what i expected. good quality and engraving. will definitely make future purchases from you

    Reviewer: Henry D.
    Sun Sep 28, 2016: Excellent workmanship. A secure clasp. very comfortable on the wrist.

    Reviewer: Guy L.
    Tue Sep 23, 2016: looks masculine...solid construction....engraving done exactly like I wanted it...

    Reviewer: Eugene K.
    Wed Sep 10, 2016: good fit and attractive

    Fri Sep 05, 2016: looks good but hard to flip over for emergency personel to see whats on the other side of it for quick ID of medical problems.

    Reviewer: Doug C.
    Thu Sep 04, 2016: It was as promised, however it was too big.

    Reviewer: Charles M.
    Fri Aug 15, 2016: Very nice. Heavy duty.

    Reviewer: Spencer H.
    Fri Jul 25, 2016:

    Reviewer: Tiffany J.
    Thu Jul 17, 2016:

    Mon Jul 14, 2016: The quality and engraving were great. It came super fast but the Link collection bracelet for men only comes in 8 please make smaller options. It took a friend great effort to remove a link with his jewelry skills.

    Reviewer: Richard H.
    Sun Jul 13, 2016: Quality product, however, did not know it was not adjustable till after I had already spent nearly 100 dollars, received the bracelet, and read the fine print in the instructions.

    Reviewer: Terry B.
    Fri Jul 11, 2016:

    Reviewer: Jimmy H.

    Reviewer: Kevin M.
    Sat Jun 28, 2016: Pros High quality steel and engraving. It is a good value for the money if you take advance if the IH plan and fill out the forms and upload medical data. It is especially convenient to have that information available to medical personnel if you are traveling. Cons Bands come in limited lengths which cannot be resized. My wrists falls between sizes and my jeweler could not do anything about it.

    Reviewer: Bill D.
    Sat Jun 28, 2016: looks good, feels good

    Thu Jun 26, 2016: am pleased with my choice of style

    Reviewer: Von B.
    Thu May 29, 2016: Product is great when everything is correct.

    Sat May 10, 2016: An excellent medical bracelet. My preference would have been a larger plate for the engraving. I personally would like to have black or blue engraving for instant visibility to first responders.

    Reviewer: Robert P.
    Sat Apr 12, 2016: Very attractive. I wear it with the MED part under my wrist, and the rest of the bracelet is then on top, making it look like a very expensive chain bracelet. VERY pleased with the amount of info that can be stored on it, and on the website noted, e.g. full med history, current meds, and full med history.

    Reviewer: C. Kelly M.
    Tue Apr 08, 2016:

    Reviewer: Robyn G.
    Fri Apr 04, 2016: It does the job it is supposed to do. The links are clunky for my taste. I wish their more styles offered with the larger plate.

    Reviewer: David V.
    Fri Apr 04, 2016: I was highly surprised at the quality of this bracelet and am totally happy. Thank you.

    Reviewer: Yvette J.
    Sat Mar 15, 2016: I purchased this medical id bracelet for my husband. It is the first one that he actually wears It is both attractive and well made.

    Reviewer: Mary P.
    Sun Mar 09, 2016: Great quality

    Tue Mar 04, 2016:

    Reviewer: Diana C.
    Sat Mar 01, 2016: The fit was perfect. It is a very attractive piece of jewelry and is sturdy.

    Reviewer: Robert L.
    Sat Feb 15, 2016: I wish you can adjust size of the bracelet before sending to me the product. I had to pay extra 10.00 for size adjustment in repair store...

    Mon Feb 10, 2016:

    Reviewer: Robert C.
    Thu Feb 06, 2016: I love this bracelet. It looks like a piece of jewellery instead of a medical ID.

    Reviewer: Judy N.
    Sat Feb 01, 2016: I wish that their were more sizes avaiable on the bracelets.

    Reviewer: Douglas T.
    Mon Jan 20, 2016: Very nice.

    Fri Jan 10, 2016: The bracelet is made of high quality material and is an attractive design. The true value is in the database available through wearing the bracelet.

    Reviewer: Giselle R.
    Tue Jan 07, 2016: Beautiful and sturdy. My husband is very pleased.

    Tue Dec 31, 2015:

    Reviewer: Felicia D.
    Sat Dec 28, 2015: Purchased as a gift. Very well made and nice in appearance. Was glad to have size choice options, although it was still a bit big. Will just have to have links removed for proper fitting. Overall satisfied with this bracelet.

    Thu Dec 19, 2015: Great looking.

    Reviewer: Susan M.
    Sat Dec 14, 2015: I am impressed enough that I plan to order another Lynx bracelet.

    Reviewer: Peter Pearce
    Wed Dec 11, 2015: It is sturdy, looks like a man’s bracelet. The internet identification feature is a plus. Only one minor problem,I ordered an 8.5 bracelet, received a 9 . will have a link removed if necessary.

    Reviewer: Stacy C.
    Mon Dec 02, 2015: Very classy Bracelet. This is my second one purchasing for my husband.

    Reviewer: N. M.
    Tue Nov 19, 2015: Classy

    Reviewer: Glenn S.
    Wed Nov 13, 2015: Looks great and has that great myth feature love it

    Fri Oct 18, 2015:

    Reviewer: Kathleen O.
    Thu Oct 17, 2015: Very nice. Heavy weight

    Sun Oct 13, 2015: Appears to be well made, good fit and finish. First experience so not a lot to compare to.

    Reviewer: David D.
    Sun Oct 06, 2015: like the looks but even a jeweler had a problem sizing it.

    Reviewer: Jack F.
    Sat Oct 05, 2015: It is uncomfortably too long. I’m going to try to have a link removed and then I think it will be just fine. A good looking piece of wrist jewelry.

    Reviewer: Elijah W.
    Thu Oct 03, 2015: really impressed with the quality and delivery tme.

    Fri Sep 13, 2015: It looks good and contains the info I needed it to.

    Reviewer: Reginald W.
    Sun Sep 08, 2015: Well made and stylish.

    Fri Sep 06, 2015: It looks great I have had several comments on it and friends have said that they are going to get one. My son is a fireman paramedic and he said that if more people had them his job would be easier knowing what their condition is

    Reviewer: Placido David P.
    Mon Sep 02, 2015: Excellent

    Sun Aug 25, 2015:

    Reviewer: Micheal Z.
    Tue Aug 20, 2015: It is very nice looking.

    Reviewer: Lowell G.
    Tue Aug 20, 2015: good looking comfort and ease of clasp really happy

    Reviewer: Paul F.
    Fri Aug 16, 2015: The bracelet appears durable and only time will tell, however, I am truly impressed with the Myihr Web Site and the amount of personal information that can be stored and constantly updated for medical personel.

    Reviewer: Ercell M.
    Tue Aug 13, 2015: It’s very nice I like the way it looks on my arm.

    Reviewer: Linda M.
    Sat Aug 10, 2015: Stylish not too big for my hand. Large enough that people notice it, comment on its combination of tastefulness & and usefulness.

    Reviewer: Andrew J.
    Mon Aug 05, 2015: Well made. Engraved well enough to let anyone know why I’m wearing it.

    Reviewer: Tina S.
    Wed Jul 24, 2015: very nice, good quality, looks like it will last for a long time

    Reviewer: Tina S.
    Wed Jul 24, 2015: really like it, only wish it came in a smaller size, thought it could be sized but found out after purchase that it was not

    Reviewer: Ray S.
    Sat Jul 20, 2015:

    Reviewer: Ronald Y.
    Tue Jul 09, 2015: Love it. I can take a shower with it on.

    Reviewer: Leslie L.
    Mon Jul 08, 2015: A little more Manley than the picture showed. Larger than I expected. Still, very beautiful especially when I was looking for a bracelet with the computer code system.

    Reviewer: Richard G.
    Sat Jun 29, 2015: Overall very nice; however it was very difficult to have resized.

    Reviewer: Cheryl P.
    Sat Jun 15, 2015: Good quality. Stylish.

    Reviewer: Nancy B.
    Sat Jun 08, 2015: It is very smart looking and have received comments on that. The engraving could stand out a little better. I like that the catch is hard to open because my husband isn’t so likely to get it off.

    Reviewer: Garrett M.
    Sat May 25, 2015: Very stylish I received a lot of compliments even from the doctors.

    Reviewer: Donna J.
    Thu May 16, 2015: It is very well made. They should have smaller sizes available because I had to have links removed.

    Reviewer: Janice R.
    Tue May 14, 2015: very sturdy

    Wed May 08, 2015: It was exactly as described on your website. I like the style. I have purchased one of your bracelets before. I still have it; I just wanted a change.

    Reviewer: Wayne T.
    Sun May 05, 2015: looks great and is light weight

    Fri May 03, 2015: You needto come up with either more sizes in smaller increments for men or make your bands easier to adjust on the Lynx.

    Reviewer: Ronald M.
    Thu May 02, 2015: Nice looking but a little rough in the finish

    Reviewer: Jay B.
    Tue Apr 23, 2015: Heavy like the way it feels.

    Reviewer: Mark S.
    Fri Apr 12, 2015: Maybe just a little too big. Should be able to take one link out and then would be fine. Got the 8 one to replace the other 8 one I had. But this one is just a little bit longer it seems.

    Reviewer: Sanford K.
    Sat Apr 06, 2015: It does not fit as well as we thought it would. It keeps turning around. Otherwise, I like it.

    Reviewer: Alan B.
    Sat Mar 30, 2015: I am greatly pleased with the bracelet and I feel safer with it.

    Reviewer: Arika D.
    Wed Mar 27, 2015: The product I was very please I would highly recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a medical Id bracelet or necklace

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