Nylon Sportband

Nylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet full sizeNylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet full sizeNylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet full sizeNylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet full sizeNylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet full sizeNylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet full sizeNylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet full sizeNylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet full sizeNylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet full size
Nylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet icon
Nylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet icon
Nylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet icon
Nylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet icon
Nylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet icon
Nylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet icon
Nylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet icon
Nylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet icon
Nylon Diabetes Medical ID Sportband Bracelet icon

Durable and stylish – this sportband medical ID is perfect for active children, teens, and adults.

  • Offered in a variety of colors and prints
  • Adjustable nylon band available in three wrist sizes
  • Secure center buckle clasp

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Stainless Steel Classic Nylon Sportband Stainless Steel Classic Red Nylon Sportband Stainless Steel Classic Small Nylon Sportband Stainless Steel Classic Red Small Nylon Sportband

Nylon Sportband

  • Adjustable nylon band
  • Clasp-center release buckle
  • Brass rivets attach stainless steel bracelet plate to band
  • Engraving detail instructions provided after making product selection

Number of Reviews: 88,

Reviewer: Tawny F.
Tue Oct 02, 2012: I have ordered 3 of these. I really like them. As with my previous comment, please go back to allowing customers to put more on the front. Also, do you still offer free re-engraving if medications, or additional information should be added?

Reviewer: Maria T.
Mon Aug 13, 2012: bought this product for a child and it’s working great

Reviewer: Brian E.
Sun Aug 12, 2012: I was impressed how fast the product was shipped to me. I purchase one before, but my pacemaker brand changed, so I had to get another one created.

Reviewer: Roger R.
Sat Jul 07, 2012: I have found that the stretch band tends to loosen on the wrist after a period of time.

Reviewer: Holly N.
Thu Jul 05, 2012: Purchased for my son w/ autism & epilepsy. Wish there were a place to put my contact info as well

Reviewer: Amy H.
Thu Jun 21, 2012: The product arrived quickly. The engraving was a little light but, other than that, the product was good.

Reviewer: Sheri N.
Sun May 06, 2012: I really like the bracelets, I have one for each arm with medical information on it. They are comfortable and lightweight.

Reviewer: Stephen M.
Sat Mar 03, 2012: Very cheap looking and not comfortable.

Fri Feb 24, 2012: I was disappointed for the amount that I paid that the whole band wasn’t blue and the engraving wasn’t real bold. It was kind of light colored. It will serve the purpose that I need it for.

Reviewer: Jason D.
Tue Jan 24, 2012: Rugged design with adjustable length band. Best for traveling. Looks more like fasion canvas bracelet than medical ID.

Reviewer: Mark C.
Wed Jan 11, 2012: Good product. Seems the snapbuckle needs improvement. Mine broke, called for a replacement and the new one won’t fit the old buckle. The new one is much heavier than the one on my band.

Reviewer: Gerard G.
Fri Dec 30, 2011: I like the way it fits. The engraving is nicely done. Its just right for me because it fits my personality

Reviewer: James S.
Wed Nov 16, 2011: Comfortable and east to see.

Reviewer: Mister M.
Sat Nov 05, 2011: its a fine thing, too bad the wrist strap is made for average child size and is too tight on my wrist for me to wear comfortably so it is kinda a waste of money since i dont wear it as it is so gd tight on my wrist

Reviewer: Nora S.
Wed Oct 05, 2011: Appears to be of good quality, though a bit stiff for starters (on a child’s skinny wrist, the metal plaque is a bit unyielding, and the buckle a bit large.)

Reviewer: Bri W.
Mon Oct 03, 2011: I really like the bracelet but the strap keeps loosening on its own.

Reviewer: Suzanne M.
Thu Sep 29, 2011: This product was for my grandson and he really seems to like it.

Reviewer: Cheryl G.
Wed Aug 24, 2011: Fits my son great, was a bit disappointed in how light the lettering was, you have to hold it pretty close to your face to read the allergy alert that we put on there. He is in Kindergarten and the school allows peanuts/nuts/peanut butter, which is scary for us as parents to think you are putting your child potentially in harms way. He loves to wear it and says it is comfortable, my only complaint is the lettering is too light to read in my opinion.

Fri Aug 19, 2011: Upon receipt, the metal plate was poorly finished along the edges, causing snags in clothing and bloody scratches against skin. After working the edges smooth with some emery paper, it is fine. Otherwise, I am happy with the sportband

Reviewer: Carol H.
Thu Aug 18, 2011: Liked it very much

Reviewer: Heather N.
Tue Aug 16, 2011: Very easy to adjust for my son’s small wrist, and easy to clasp. My only complaint is that I wish the engraving were darker, so it would be easier to read.

Reviewer: Amy G.
Sat Jun 11, 2011: I really love the sportband I can wear it all the time and any place I go.

Reviewer: Tangerine W.
Wed Jun 08, 2011: This was my Dad’s second one-only getting it because the other one’s strap is finally coming apart.

Reviewer: Rick M.
Wed May 11, 2011: The plate I think should more curved otherwise It’s Wonderful. Thanks

Reviewer: Bridget Y.
Fri Apr 22, 2011: i do wish that plastic clasp was a bit more durable, the band that i purchased is for my 5 year old son and he is very (very) active, the nylon strap is wonderful however.

Reviewer: Belinda B.
Fri Apr 15, 2011: Like this product

Reviewer: Julia .
Wed Mar 30, 2011: I love your product and the ease of ordering with great service.

Reviewer: Bryan B.
Tue Feb 22, 2011: Very impressive Can be used for gym or daily casual wear. Only complaint is that the personalized inscription could be darker/deeper.

Reviewer: L D.
Wed Feb 16, 2011: Two concerns our son is allergic to the metal these are made from o we are hoping the flex band will help, all others he gets a rash. Secondly, we were supposed to get free shipping but after numerous emails and tele calls we were still billed shipping. Our refund would be appreciated.

Reviewer: Ramon C.
Sat Jan 22, 2011: Excellent Product and fast service

Reviewer: Daniel T.
Wed Dec 22, 2010: Contrary to other reviews I read, the engraving on my bracelet was very easy to read and overall, I’m pleased with how te bracelet looks and feels, which is comfortable and sytlish.

Reviewer: Margaret W.
Tue Dec 21, 2010: good quality, dries quickly

Reviewer: Jena E.
Wed Dec 15, 2010: I have bought three differant styles of bracelets for my son. This one has the best aspects of each bracelet in one.

Reviewer: Rick F.
Wed Dec 08, 2010:

Reviewer: Thomas H.
Thu Nov 11, 2010: It is much better than my first purchase which I could not adjust the length appropriately. It was not the length I ordered

Reviewer: Tom J.
Wed Nov 10, 2010: Repeat purchase of the product. The user likes it because it does not look like a customary Med ID bracelet. It is functional and fits the style of the user (a teen) perfectly.

Reviewer: Sharon C.
Tue Nov 02, 2010: It is just right for my workplace. I do not have to worry about getting it caught on any metal objects.

Reviewer: William C.
Thu Oct 28, 2010: It is comfortable and neat looking. Engraving is very clear.

Reviewer: Caitlin S.
Fri Oct 22, 2010:

Reviewer: Erin M.
Fri Oct 15, 2010: I love my Id bracelet. I like the old fashion silver ones but the sports band is more my style and less cumbersome when playing soccer and during karate.

Reviewer: Sherri G.
Tue Oct 12, 2010: Great quality, comfortable with necessary alert information.

Reviewer: Lynne D.
Tue Oct 12, 2010: This is my second bracelet. I have the pink/purple one also. I had to get a new one because of another medication. I wear it in the pool and ocean. The pink/purple one is from Feb 2007. No problems with it at all. I expect the same quality from the new one that I bought. Only problem was RUSH shipping charge. For regular delivery the site said 18 Oct, and I was going out of town on 17 Oct, and for RUSH it was 11 Oct. So I paid for RUSH and the bracelet arrived on 30 Sep. So I paid the extra money and I received the bracelet 2 weeks before it was due.

Reviewer: Barb K.
Thu Sep 30, 2010: My son likes wearing the sportband - it doesn’t stand out as much as a metal bracelet. The only issue is the font was a little small.

Reviewer: Gerry H.
Thu Aug 26, 2010: Like the appearance

Reviewer: Maria M.
Mon Aug 23, 2010: Pleased with the engraving. Nice looking, too.

Reviewer: Jack T.
Tue Aug 17, 2010: This is the second Sportsband I have purchased from you. The plastic clasp has cracked but is useable. What I would really like is a stainless steel expansion band but you only offer these to women. I do not like the bracelet because it hangs down your arm and gets in the way when I’m working.I am diabetic and wear the band all the time.

Reviewer: Matt S.
Mon Aug 16, 2010: Overall I am very pleased with my ID band. It has the permenancy of a metal engraving with the style and comfort of a sportband. I do however, have one problem with it. In order to tighten or loosen the band you need to pull on a strap. The problem is that this strap is facing the inside toward my wrist and is hard to reach. Though once you find a comfortable spot, it is a great product

Reviewer: Gerry H.
Sun Aug 15, 2010: Love the sports band, it has so much room to list the medical problems I have.

Reviewer: Marlene M.
Wed Jul 28, 2010: It broke after less than one week of use. I was able to sew it back together for my husband to wear. I also bought a stainless steel bracelet for myself and it is fine.

Reviewer: Hugh P.
Wed Jul 28, 2010: I couldn’t be more pleased with this item I have used it frequently in wet and dirty situations and the bracelet comes out looking like new The material dries very quickly and the clasp is strong and durable. Finally, I am pleased that this item looks sporty without being too over the top. Great job

Reviewer: Mike F.
Tue Jul 06, 2010: Terrible for baseball. Clasp way too large; constantly catching thumb on other hand when hitting, very painful. Not very flexible. Engraving is not as pictured.

Reviewer: Norman V.
Fri Jun 25, 2010: very good

Reviewer: Carol Y.
Fri Jun 25, 2010: bracelet is very nice can take it on and off. wish had a plate under to put some more info.

Reviewer: Shala C.
Sat Jun 19, 2010: I was really impressed with not only the style of my bracelet (which i loved), I was also impressed with the fast delivery.

Reviewer: Gary A.
Fri Jun 18, 2010: I purchased 2 for my twins. We all prefer these, because there are no bracelet links to pull apart. But, since my children’s wrists are so small, some velcro to hold the excess end to the back of the wrist strap, would have been a very good idea. Instead, I had to tack it with needle and thread, which will need to be repeated, as they grow.

Reviewer: Ronald T.
Fri Jun 18, 2010: It’s comfortable,durable,& light weight,which is nice since we’re very active outdoors.

Reviewer: Dreama L.
Fri Jun 11, 2010: This was not what I expected. The material it is made with is not soft, seems very stiff and scratchy. It is hard to adjust - the plastic piece won ’t stay straight. Not worth the price.

Reviewer: Laurie B.
Mon Jun 07, 2010: Really like the band. I would of liked the ingraving done in larger letters to make it easier to read.

Reviewer: James W.

Reviewer: Amy V.
Thu Jun 03, 2010: While the sportband is comfortable to wear, when it gets wet, it stays wet for a long time - causing irritation to the wrist.

Reviewer: Cathy C.
Tue Jun 01, 2010: I bought sport bands for my brother and husband because they like the look and they actually wear them

Reviewer: Shawna C.
Sat May 22, 2010: It is already coming undone where at the sceam

Reviewer: Joey D.
Sat May 15, 2010: I wasn ’t totally thrilled about this product, but it serves it ’s purpose just fine.

Reviewer: Sharon H.
Sat May 08, 2010: I found the product well made. I was happy with the product, it should last a long time.

Reviewer: Sarah Q.
Thu May 06, 2010: Its sporty, for its purpose and priced can be used with most anything. I purchased too thanks to the half off discount so that I had more color options and could mix and match with my wardrobe. the porty bracelet is easy wear having two teenage boys

Reviewer: Joann T.
Thu Apr 29, 2010: I purchased two. One started unraveling on the 2nd day. The other one has not been worn yet.

Reviewer: Helen C.
Fri Apr 16, 2010: The metal part should be curved to fit writst, it was made for a right handed person. Overall I like it very much.

Reviewer: Linda R.
Wed Apr 14, 2010: I was expecting the writing to be in a larger font since I only had (2) lines. Hard to read. Also, it is a little harder for a stroke victim to get it on with one hand. Otherwise, it isn ’t too bad. It will work for now.

Reviewer: Dianna M.
Fri Apr 09, 2010: It was perfect for my mother because of her age her skin is very thin and so it was nice against he skin.

Reviewer: Dale R.
Fri Apr 02, 2010: This purchase was made after I had just purchased a dog tag. There was a large discount if you purchased a second item. It turns out that I like the sport band more than the dog tag. The dog tag is fine and I like it very much but I like the sport band the best.

Reviewer: Casey W.
Thu Apr 01, 2010: Personally, I was not impressed with the quality of the sportsband. I would not order this product again. Next time I would try a traditional chain bracelet for my son.

Reviewer: Tammy L.
Fri Mar 26, 2010: I like this product except that the plastic adjustable piece on these sports bands breaks to easily.

Reviewer: Bryce C.
Mon Mar 22, 2010: It is nice looking but the band and the plastic clasps are not as heavy duty as the old bracelt he had. With the lighter weight band, the rivets seem rougher on the bottom side so we are worried about it scratching his skin. He just started wearing it last week so we have not been able to tell yet how it is going to work. Overall, just does not seem like it will be as durable as the last one he had.

Fri Mar 05, 2010:

Reviewer: Dena J.
Thu Feb 25, 2010: The sportbands are great ,, I received two this time and already had one.

Reviewer: Angela B.
Mon Feb 22, 2010: We are happy with the item. It just seemed a little pricey. Our five year old thinks it is cool.

Reviewer: Ann G.
Thu Feb 18, 2010: Great quality

Reviewer: Michael M.
Tue Feb 16, 2010: Very happy with it. Was concerned that my Endocrinologist says the spelling is incorrect but I spelled it the British way so it is not incorrect. And I showed it to my boss and he has also ordered a sportsband from you. Unfortunately, he also was annoyed that the second band option was too difficult to order. So unlike me, he only ordered one.

Reviewer: Carol B.
Mon Feb 15, 2010: I thought the sportband was great. My son loves it. Makes him fill more secure.

Wed Feb 10, 2010:

Reviewer: Nathan F.
Thu Jan 28, 2010: Comfortable to wear. Great service

Reviewer: Richard S.
Wed Jan 27, 2010: very impressed just what i wonted

Reviewer: Dean C.
Tue Jan 26, 2010: Excellent service, and workmanship. Kid loves wearing the ID, I feel less anxious when it ’s on his wrist. Everybody wins Dean Cromwell

Reviewer: Donna F.
Tue Jan 26, 2010: This is the 4th item that I have ordered and I will not go to another site for any items. I have recommended this company to all my friends that need medical ID ’s.

Reviewer: Terry W.
Fri Jan 22, 2010: I had a chain bracelet, but lost it. With the sportband ID, I feel more secure that I will not lose it. I also like the look of it better than a chain

Reviewer: Kelly F.
Fri Jan 22, 2010: EXCELLENT QUALITY LOVE this bracelet. I thought it might be too young for me, but it is fantastic for the bumming around days. I have a nice one for dressing up and I have this one for the rest of the time. The price can not be beat when you put the two bracelets together Thank you for making these I have recently put in a second order

Reviewer: Barbara S.
Fri Jan 22, 2010: I liked the look of the bracelet. I could have used more space on the front of the bracelet. information. I look forward to ordering another bracelet that I can imprint information on the back of the bracelet in the future.

Reviewer: Darcy L.
Fri Jan 22, 2010: it was very nice for my son - he would not wear a chain link

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